A Full Rundown of Drake's Houston Appreciation Weekend

Photo by Marco Torres

Any of the parties:

Fact of the matter is, Houston is a party city. The club scene, when a certain celebrity is in town, turns into an oasis of women in tight dresses and people wanting to be seen. Remember, Houston just hosted All-Star Weekend a little less than 16 months ago and it shut the Galleria down. Think just another version of that WHENEVER Drake and his motley cru of friends appear.

HAW Celebrity Basketball Game (June 15):

This is going to sell out somehow, some way. I'm curious about one particular thing dealing with the basketball. If Drake plays, he's going to wear an OVO jersey. That's perfectly fine.

However, would he also wear patches for Johnny Manziel, LeBron James, Kentucky Basketball and the Toronto Raptors? And if he plays, can he PLEASE take the final shot with the game on the line with "Trophies" blaring in the background? Sports and music needs a Drake-sports moment when he's not playing half-coach for the Raptors.


HAW Concert at Warehouse Live (June 13):

As previously explained, you're not going to be MC Struggle Plate thinking you can slide behind the Warehouse Live doors just because you scribbled OVO on your chest. Give back to the community, earn your way in.

Think Like a Man Too Screening (June 14):

Also, you're probably going to have to fight your way around Kevin Hart jokes and slander to see the movie before it officially hits in theaters next Friday.

Now, let us all pray for a memorable and safe weekend, where we all get free cashmere sweaters and lint rollers for our patronage.


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Omg!!! @ city hall 6/10 @ 12!!!! The hottie himself


Why are there so many bitter angry men in this comment section? Being a dick isn't going to make yours any bigger.

Dee Bowdre
Dee Bowdre

OMG! I wanna go! I wanna do things!


Yes, it's totally lame to try to help a city and give back to the community that helped to start your career. 

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