A Full Rundown of Drake's Houston Appreciation Weekend

Drake loves Houston.

We're talking LOVES Houston. Written audio letters to Houston. Sweetened love notes with a kiss to the Galleria and the strip clubs love Houston. Able to make the Astros more relevant than any contract Jon Singleton or George Springer could sign loves Houston.

All right, well maybe not that deep, but you get the point. Drake would shed a tear if Frenchy's ran out of chicken, that's how deep his love runs for the city -- and its people.

Him giving a toast to the city with its own Houston Appreciation Weekend has been in the works for months, but Thursday the grand roll out hit the Web, including a pool party, a hookah lounge, a pop-up shop at noted sneaker boutique Premium Goods, a celebrity basketball game and, of course, parties and a concert at Warehouse Live next Friday night.

There's a bit of a catch with actually grabbing tickets for the concert portion, though. First, no hard copies are available to buy via Warehouse Live. Instead, you're going to have to work through community-service outlet RockCorps in order to get your way in. It works in the long run, considering that Drake is giving back to the city and hopes his staunchest supporters will do the same.

The concert, of course, will be the hardest thing to get into. Tickets for everything else, especially the basketball game, can be purchased once they become available.


OVO Pop-Up Shop at Premium Goods (June 12):

It may be possible to actually get a lint roller at the OVO Pop-Up Shop once Drake and his merchandise team roll into Houston beginning next Thursday. You can't shut down an entire store for hours when you've created a pop up shop and considering that it's a pop up shop - your regular 9-5 Drake fan might be not able to get to this.

Houston Astros Appreciation Night at Minute Maid Park (June 13):

Has an Astros game sold out this year? Drake may do something not even the Civil Rights Game could accomplish -- put more than 16,000 people in the seats of Minute Maid Park. By the way, the Juice Box hasn't been exactly packed since Paul McCartney and crew tore things down a couple years ago.

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Omg!!! @ city hall 6/10 @ 12!!!! The hottie himself


Why are there so many bitter angry men in this comment section? Being a dick isn't going to make yours any bigger.

Dee Bowdre
Dee Bowdre

OMG! I wanna go! I wanna do things!


Yes, it's totally lame to try to help a city and give back to the community that helped to start your career. 

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