Drake Appreciation Post: Drizzy's 20 Best Songs

"No New Friends"
Listen, Drake doesn't need new friends, a'ight? Neither does Rick Ross or DJ Khaled, but this is a great Drake song nonetheless, as the trio rap and sing about how their old crew is all they need to keep shit real. Little-known fact: the original version of this song has an outro featuring Future, so the ghost verse gives it bonus points. ANGELICA LEICHT

"Put It Down" (Bun B feat. Drake)
This track moves about as slow as the traffic on the 610 Loop at rush hour, perfect for a night of kicking back with a double cup and your favorite herbal remedy as you listen to Drake. One of the big singles from Bun's third solo album, 2010's Trill O.G., "Put It Down" exemplifies the Country Rap Tune aesthetic, which is crawling, hard, soulful and oh so very smooth. Drake contributes a mesmerizing hook and third verse, reminding the world that he certainly puts it down every time he comes around. MARCO TORRES

"Ransom," feat. Lil Wayne
The launching point for every Drake and Wayne collaboration, this 2008 loosie finds Wayne pretty much on his A-game and Drake trying his damndest to get his boss's attention. There's no chorus here, just punchline after punchline from both Drake and Wayne, but nothing comes close to the absolutely clever perfection of "you ain't heard of me, you should get a Blue's Clue/ Oops I mean red clue, Wayne's here SooWoo." Since then, Drake/Wayne tracks are undefeated, including the most recent one, "Believe Me." BRANDO

"Shut It Down"
Remember when Drake was going to release an R&B mixtape and he dropped "I'll Get Lonely Too." Super-bummed that was never a thing that happened. There are a ton of great slow jams in the Drake canon, but this one makes the best case that if he released an album full of slow-tempo, baby-making music, nine months after it dropped there would be a lot of kids named Aubrey being born across the country. It also gets bonus points for Drake's Herculean feat of dragging this song up into something special, even with that silly verse from The-Dream. CORY GARCIA

"Started From the Bottom"
Rap songs are always better with a bit of ambient piano sampling. Drake's anthem about how he started at the bottom and now he's here samples "Ambessence Piano and Drones" by Bruno Sanfilippo and Mathias Grassow, and somehow the entire conglomeration makes complete sense. Drake seems like the kind of guy who would sit around with a glass of cognac listening to some ambient music. No? Just us? Even if it's not true at all that Drizzy started from the bottom (he started on Degrassi), we can still dig it. ANGELICA LEICHT

"What Up" (Pimp C feat. Drake & Bun B)
The first single from Pimp C's posthumously released solo album, 2010's The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones, includes a hypnotic fanfare intro, a litany of appreciation for H-Town's strip clubs, and all of the pimpadelic attitude a Southern rap fan can handle. Drake expresses his love for Houston by once again proclaiming himself "an honorary resident of UGK Town."

One can only imagine how humorous an actual meeting between Pimp and Drizzy would have been, and this track brings us as close to that scenario as we're ever going to get. Pimp and Bun deliver classic UGK verses over the excellent beat courtesy of longtime Drake collaborator Boi-1da, making this an infinitely repeatable track on any Best Of Drake playlist. MARCO TORRES


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