Drake Appreciation Post: Drizzy's 20 Best Songs

"Going Home"
Yes, this song has been way overplayed on just about any medium possible, but it's a great song, so stop. Drake's kinda sweet and self-effacing on this lourvey-love song, which is a nice change from, uh, whatever it is he does with Lil Wayne. And we have always secretly been hoping he'll steal Rihanna's heart. But to be fair, if this song didn't get 'er done, hope may be lost on that front. ANGELICA LEICHT

Houston is Drake's adopted second home, so it would make sense that we'd love a song where Drake basically nods to our city's rowdiness, or a fictional city that's an amalgam of Houston, Atlanta and Vegas. No one's sure what Drake is actually talking about in this song, really, but that matters little. What does matter is that Drake loves Houston, and we love Drake. The end. ANGELICA LEICHT

"HYFR (Hell Yeah Fucking Right)," feat. Lil Wayne
Just when critics and haters begin to question Drake's rapping ability, he hits them with a seemingly impossible first verse on this Take Care track that includes more syllables than a James Joyce novel. Is he one of the best rappers alive? Hell yeah. Fucking right. MARCO TORRES

"Little Bit," feat. Lykke Li
To this day people will readily run to So Far Gone as the definitive Drake project, where his emotions and thoughts on becoming something fully morphed into a character. "Little Bit" turned the Swedish pop singer Lykke Li's solo act into a duet where Drake reflects on a fling now ashed away. Vulnerable Drake songs about things people can relate to are why you haphazardly sing "Marvin's Room" when no one's around. BRANDO

"Lord Knows," feat. Rick Ross
Here lies Drake at his most absolute, some 20 months before "Worst Behavior" became his simplest middle finger. Among producer Just Blaze's triumphant piano and choir-heavy chorus, Drake quips "Weezy and Stunna my only role models" before calling himself a descendent of "Marley and Hendrix," and that he knows he makes songs for dudes who get sex and then some. You can crack on him all he wants, he's just going to keep coming. BRANDO

"Marvin's Room"
Everyone, no matter what their genre, needs their epic, and not every epic needs to be all bombast, fireworks and cannons going off. This is Drake at his most Drake, pining away for a girl while also taking a moment to work in the fact that yeah, he's still having lots of sex. But it works because he doesn't overplay his hand, doesn't beat his point to death. He manages to paint a very vivid story without saying a lot. That's what the best poetry does. CORY GARCIA

"Miss Me"
There's just so much cool stuff going on in this song: talking about wanting to marry Nicki Minaj; "Do right and kill everything"; a hook that he absolutely murders; Bun B showing up for half a second; a great beat. It's also far and away the best Drake/Lil Wayne collaboration, the latter absolutely on one with his verse. Kind of ironic though, in the sense that Drake is so omnipresent now that we never get to miss him. I mean, when was the last time he didn't have something on the airwaves? CORY GARCIA

"No Lie"
While this song technically belongs to 2 Chainz, we're going to give it to Drake anyway, because if anyone can make 2 Chainz interesting, it's Drizzy Drake. Here 2 Chainz's flow is overbearing and rowdy in every way, but when he's layered with Drake's silky-smooth hook and those lines about all the groupie noise, the contrast between the two adds up to perfection. Wheelchair Jimmy 4eva. ANGELICA LEICHT

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