Charlie Wilson, Erykah Badu & the O'Jays at The Woodlands, 5/31/2014

Charlie Wilson, who came to stardom in The Gap Band, hit the stage with more of a rock and roll show than any of the night's other performers, a number of outfit changes by his entire band throughout the performance. The crowd was on its feet and jamming, embracing during ballads and clapping when he took us to church. During "Early in the Morning," the entire band ran around the stage, creating a party vibe that evoked memories of the Gap Band. In fact, Uncle Charlie is more rock and roll than Jack White could ever muster up.

Every new song was flawlessly executed with smooth, melismatic vocals. Uncle Charlie danced his ass off, sang his ass off, and every member of his six-piece band played their ass off. He joked about being hot and tired, dancing like a 25-year-old and making gestures like he was using an oxygen mask after the uptempo numbers.

All in all, this show was possibly the most entertaining one in the whole Houston area Saturday night, one that swirled together soul, R&B classics, modern groove and pop. Not only was the music amazing, but each performer brought his or her charisma and wisdom to create poignant moments, sexy moments and really funny ones as well. If they started over and played the whole thing from beginning to end, I would have gladly grooved all over again.


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Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

2005 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, TX

Category: Music

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So now this loser is boring everyone with his reviews on shows? Isn't this the same dude who talks shit about every other musician in town even though he himself sucks ass? He has a draw of about 5 people and those are his friends. What a burn out.

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