I Think My Sister Is After My Man. Help!

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Dear Willie D:

I made the mistake of giving my sister intimate details about my boyfriend's sexual prowess in bed; since then she has been a little too close to him. She is always popping up at the apartment that he and I share. One day I came home to find her ass sitting on the sofa just a little too close to him. I gave both of them a good looking over and asked them what's going on.

I asked my sister why she didn't tell me she was stopping by, and she gave me some lame excuse about she didn't know she was going to come until the last minute. I don't know if it's just her or both of them who's up to something. I trust my boyfriend more than I do my sister. She has burned me before. They both swear nothing is going on. How can I be certain?

Intimate Details:

I could tell you to look for a change in affectionate behavior from your boyfriend, go through his cell phone and credit-card receipts, but that's too much work. If you want to quickly and efficiently ascertain that your boyfriend and sister are having an affair, install a webcam at home; hook up a GPS to his car; install spyware on his computer; or call the TV show Cheaters.

Nothing says you're busted like getting caught in the act with your pants down on national television.


Dear Willie D:

I don't want to sound like Judas, but when my grandmother died I was happy. She was a very cruel woman. I never liked going to her house because she always made me and my brother clean her garage and mow her lawn for free when we were younger. She was mean to my mother also. Although they argued all the time my mother has been very depressed since she died.

I feel sorry for my mother that she is in pain, but I hated my grandmother and I'm glad she's dead. I want to ask my mother why is she so sad when her mother was so abusive to her, but I don't want to be disrespectful. Is it wrong to be happy because another human being has died?

Dead Happy:

I don't see a problem with being privately happy that a mean little old lady has died if it puts an end to her wicked ways. Regardless of how detestable a person was in life, he or she will leave behind someone who loved them. You don't have to have compassion for the deceased, but sympathy for the loss of human life is good and noble.

Your mother is hurting. For you to put aside self-interest for the benefit of another is impressive. I commend you.

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