Guys Always Go for Average-Looking Girls. Help!

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Dear Willie D:

For your readers who crave success I strongly encourage them reevaluate their inner circle and tighten it before they come into financial prosperity. I understand that there's a certain undercurrent of jealousy that resides in all of us when others get the things we want. But jealousy should never reach the level where it makes you bitter, and wish bad on others.

That is what I am going through with people who I thought were my friends before I became a successful real-estate broker. The slanderous comments they make behind my back in attempts to ruin my good name are cowardly and reprehensible. Why is there so much contempt for successful people?

Successful Realtor:

Jealousy and insecurity comes to mind. As crazy as it seems, it's natural to hate on others. Some people are just extreme with it. How many times have you watched television or surfed the Internet and seen famous people have their character assassinated by people who don't even know them? We might not want to admit it, but at some point all of us have experienced envy for someone who seemed to be doing better than us.

The person we're envious of success might manifest itself in the form of their finances, looks, social status, education, talent, position, likeability, house, car, personality and so on. There's nothing wrong with being a little jealous of someone else's success. If you want what they have badly enough, jealousy can be a great motivator. The problem occurs when we become so consumed with the success of others that we don't have time to focus on our own.

I passed on your email address to a good friend of mine who is relocating to your area, and she will be contacting you soon. Congratulations and continued success!


Dear Willie D:

I'm a cute girl, but I never get the great guys; they always go for the average-looking girl. I work with a really nice, good looking guy. When his girlfriend stopped by the office to bring him lunch the other day I was surprised she wasn't all that pleasant to look at. She wasn't ugly, but she wasn't pretty either. I know he can do better, so why doesn't he?

Cute Girl:

We are quite full of ourselves, aren't we? Since pretty is often a matter of interpretation, one person's Honda could be another's Mercedes. Often when guys are considering a girlfriend they not only look at the exterior, they also think about the interior of a woman -- her character. You don't seem like a nice person, which could be the reason why you can't get one of the good guys.

Then again, maybe you're not as pretty as you think you are.


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Terrence Persaud

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