Acts We'd Love to See Play Free Press Summer Fest 2015

Photo by Jim Bricker
Before that carton of leftover FSPF 2014 milk in the fridge starts to smell a little ripe, we had to ask...who should the festival bring in next year?

This one's pretty self-explanatory. He fits the general aesthetic of the festival, and would be the perfect-sized headliner. That, and his unmatched catalog would make for the perfect quirky evening of tunes. JIM BRICKER

One of my favorite parts of Jack White's set this year was simply watching him play guitar. Obviously, he shreds, but while watching him I realized how seldom I get to see a guitarist just working his instrument anymore. While certainly more acoustic and bluesy, the British-born Bugg is a sign that good guitar is making a comeback. SELENA DIERINGER

Photo by J Tovar
Yeah, Disclosure is a personal favorite, but because they make better EDM than most of their compatriots. That sort of music will likely continue dominating festivals for a few more years, and as long as it does, I'd love to see an act that has proven to put on an amazing show. Disclosure does not disappoint. SELENA DIERINGER

It seems like Pegstar and Dr. Dog get along quite well, so it's actually odd we haven't seen the Philadelphia indie-rockers on a FPSF stage. Next year will hopefully be their time. JIM BRICKER

I'm still holding out hope for Faith No More. That's a bucket-list band that hasn't been anywhere near Houston in a whole lot of years. They've been playing European festivals by the scads of late, probably just to be cocky pricks. I get that Gdynia, Poland, probably has much nice weather than we do this time of year, but I need to hear "Last Cup of Sorrow" live before I die, and I don't want to have to deal with going to the passport place to do it. NATHAN SMITH

Photo by Jim Bricker
Sadly, I missed HAIM when they rolled into our fair city this past April. I'm sure the show at House of Blues was great [it was - ed.], but something about this sisterly trio's sound seems custon-made for a festival stage. With powerful yet ethereal vocal harmonies and Eagles-esque guitars, HAIM could get the FPSF crowd to sing and dance and keep the positive vibes flowing. SELENA DIERINGER

We like to dance; that was proven all weekend on the Mercury and Saturn stages. Hot Chip will definitely make you shake your ass. JIM BRICKER

Or any classic hip-hop group, for that matter: Nas, De La Soul, Arrested Development, Blackalicious, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Slick Rick, Run-DMC, Public Enemy, KRS-One, Digable Planets, Too Short... JIM BRICKER

If you don't know Erik Petersen's band, all the better -- FPSF can do that thing it excels at by booking interesting and worthy talent that is off the grid for many. This month alone, Fitzgerald's is hosting Andrew Jackson Jihad and The Mountain Goats, who are Petersen's contemporaries. So the fest organizers know his ilk of music, if not him.

The lyrics are impressive and provocative and delivered the old-fashioned way, with guitars and passionate vocals. A little Mischief Brew would really cleanse the palette from swallowing so much EDM this year. JESSE SENDEJAS JR.

Melanie Vyvyan via Wikipedia
Liz Phair is the only blonde I've paid much attention to since my second-grade crush, Connie Fikac. It's been more than 40 years since I last saw Connie; but I've never seen Liz live. I've wanted to, but it seems she just never made it this far south very often. Why Can't I hear "Polyester Bride" live? That would be Mesmerising. See what I did there, Liz fans?

With so many strong indie women on the scene, particularly in Houston, the time seems right to recognize her legacy with a festival date. People would be interested. If Veruca Salt can do a reunion run, then Liz at least should get booked for FPSF's Neptune stage. JESSE SENDEJAS JR.

They are long overdue for a show in Houston (15 years overdue), so there return to our fair town raging a three-hour set on the Mars Stage with a downtown-Houston backdrop would be perfect. While that might draw a few more people than Summer Fest can handle, it would be an amazing feat if they could pull it off. JIM BRICKER

I'd pretty much die if Prince ever played FPSF. I literally have nothing more to say about this. The end. SELENA DIERINGER

Picture this: it's Saturday night at FPSF '15, about 102 degrees on the pavement and you're greased on $80 worth of vendor beer (roughly an 18-pack). Nothing against Vampire Weekend; they were quite lovely. But this ain't no sleepy SoCal valley. We need a grittier Saturday-night headliner.

If I'm going to rage, I want Rage to set the tone. I want Tom Morello's guitar shrieking like the sirens of the police car I'll hijack once we pour into the city streets. I want Zack yelling like the attorney I'm gonna need after the mayhem. JESSE SENDEJAS JR.

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Eleanor Tinsley Park

500 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX

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Broken Bells, The Shins, MUSE, Phoenix, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Atlas Genius, STRFKR, Blind Pilot, Cage the Elephant, Cake, Capitol Cities, Kongos, Eisley, Blondfire, Empire of the Sun, Portugal the Man, Grouplove, Fenech-Soler, Parov Stelar, Ok Go, Phantom Planet, TERRAPLANE SUN, Mutemath, MS MR, MGMT, Misterwives, Modest Mouse, The Wombats, The Libertines, The Killers, The Pigeon Detectives, The Strokes, Julian Casablancas & the Voids, Imagine Dragons, IAMDYNAMITE, Hellogoodbye, Hockey, Guster, Graffiti6, Gotye, Green Day, The Fratellis, FRANZ FERDINAND, TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB, FOO FIGHTERS, Flogging Molly, Dr. Dog, Dog is Dead, Emperors, Foals, THE HIVES, The Royal Concept, I'm From Barcelona, M83, Melee, Metric, Milky Chance, Big Data, Mystery Jets, Neon Trees, New Politics, NONONO, of Montreal, Oh My!, Opiuo, RAC, PHOX, Propellers, Snow Patrol, Ra Ra Riot, Arcade Fire, Ratatat, Reverend and the Makers, RJD2, Royal Teeth, SBTRKT, Sir Sly, Sleeper Agent, Sleigh Bells, Sons of the Sea, Spoon, Stars of Track and Field, Steppenwolf, Switches, Telekinesis, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Them Crooked Vultures, Those Dancing Days, Uh Huh Her, The Ting Tings, Tokyo Police Club, Trevor Hall, The Tossers, Twenty One Pilots, Weezer, Vance Joy, Walk The Moon, We Are Scientist, White Rabbits, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Young the Giant, 22-20s, 2cellos, ZZ Ward, White Whale, Third Eye Blind, The Strypes, Sound Garden, Pinback, and New Cassettes.

Of course, if Free Press was looking at making all the other music festivals look inferior, 



                    DAFT PUNK!

Who knows, you might just get lucky..


Wait one last one I have pumped the MF's hard for every year on the email for FPSF and they never get it- they always let me down- Manu Choa with his most political and  heartfelt punk rock played well show.  I promise if you get him the crowd will quickly go from wtf? and why should I care to doing all the chants and surfinig and everything and bleeding with him when he uses english to tell us what is going on in the world.  And the Hispanics will show us how to really get down in the pit on that one and the videos will super catch it.  In fact he should headline.  Otherwise HP just force the International Festival to get him next year instead.  Why isn't he rocking Htown at the festival?  This is an outrage man.  The only reason why posters don't say this is because they don't know why Henry Rollins raves so high on him.  Just watch his amazing performance for Austin City Limits on PBS and then 

his so heartfelt sorrow for what the governments in the world are doing in the interview and there you go.  This is the dark horse who may still the show from people like ZZ and Rage.  And he would represent the diversity of Houston so well too.  FPSF people what the hell is wrong with you not getting him already- he is affordable and better live by far than the Mc.Cartneys and does all the punk moves too and they can play and get the crowd super into the party with them.  Pleaee along with Prince- please, please, please get him.  C'mon don't you want to kick Austin's ass???  It's like you are trying to be Austin-super lite.  Let's be kick Austin's A$$.  Get Prince and Manou Chou to rock the grass off of the bayou!!!


I forgot- to represent our diversity 2 things:

1) Tame Impala!  Yes all the way- they psychedelic rock man!  All the way!!!! A little late after Couchella beat us out but so good who cares.

2) Houston Press with your dining connections to learn about the cool stand food in the area please please please make them have a real food court with a great representation of our diverse foods and tell the owners of the restaurants they will get young people knowing about and coming to their places if they run the booths instead of the Sh** they push now.  Examples- the best Mexican of all whatever that is supposed to be, Cafe Pita + and of course the amazing  Empanadas and the rest of it including the cups of awesome dessert from the Argentina Cafe.  C'mon Press super push for the food because pumping up the FPSF and it is always too late to do this- we have to pump before the last one is finished to get the right stuff going- and pumping up the food is a MAJOR part of getting us to kick Austin's A$$ for a change.  And dammit Houston Press lets  ask for some real beers.  How about a Trappist, A Tiger-  the one excellent non-Sake from Japan becuase it is made with a licensed  brewery from Germany and cannot be made anywhere else.  Or say Real Ale Devil's Brew or some Red Ale.  How about a Fuller's ESB?  Or a good St. Arnolds?  Let's get some real beer what is with this Bud lite or whatever absolute  garbage.  My god no wonder Austin always kicks our A$$ with the hipster points!!!!  And again PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get Prince.  That is realistic- connected to the types of music and not a dream that can never happen like U2 or McCartney and McCartney is totally wrong.  Of course if you want to be obvious and get Arcade Fire then man, GO FOR IT!  Having him jumping in front of me like that- it's a good think I'm not gay or a hot chick because there would be major action taking place and as the later I'd probably be pregnant with triplets and starting a lawsuit...

Please no more Cra* EDM like was it carbon copy and if you want joke shows like Willie please make them cool joke shows like ZZ Top doing the best of the hard rocking blues stuff and killing it for us- I want a killer long version of Cheap Sunglasses with me surfing the crowd up front and risking death.  C'mon FPSF don't let me down next time!!!! You are finally starting to get the good stuff- now go for it big time and let's kick Austin's A$$!!!


Hey good calls with like Dr. Dog and of course ZZ for the cool/joke oldies act.  Beck could really work too- great call if he is great live and a great EDM act is needed- one that can work.  Prince- please get him- Please!!!!!!!    But this is what I also want to see-

a Beastie Boy tribute for the dead guy show with that cool brother playing with them.  They knocked out the crowd when they were at Lolla near Houston and then the crowd immediately fleed from the lame Smashing set.  Please give to their Tibetan or whatever deal or whatever it takes to get them to play a full head on show and not the instrumentals.  I might get killed in the masses when either Whatcha and Fight start up but omg what a way to go man!  Don't let me down now that you are finally starting to get real line-ups for us.  Oh and yes Vampire was cute and upbeat- a little watered down from the record- but Rage- oh my another chance for the masses to kill me and again if the singer is going off hard-core it would be so worth it.  Also we need another majorly great show like Orgone on the small stage where you get the masses flooding it and screaming for the encore.  And put on lame acts on the big stages when this small stage show is going down.  It was way cool to accidently walk into Orgone just when it was starting because (was it?) Willie was hilariously lame and then you see the small crowd swell so much and go way into the show and then die as the next act was a badly making fun of itself low self esteem Post-Punk Indie stoner-rock thing. 

Noelle A. Perry
Noelle A. Perry

yes. it is too early. please just let me have a few weeks where i don't have to hear about FPSF. please? although i might actually consider buying tickets for ZZ top and RATM.

Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra

KISS, Eminem, Kanye West, Garth Brooks, U2, and Paul McCartney, that would justify the 80$ admission...

Eligio J. Garza
Eligio J. Garza

ZZ TOP and RAGE.... .that shit would be EPIC! I think I just shit my pants imagining it!


two door cinema club, the vaccines, the xxyyxx, the arctic monkeys, MGMT, the kooks, daughter 

And DJs like Caked Up or Zedd's Dead

Rappers like Chance the Rapper 



Bootsy or George Clinton

Motorhead (before Lemmy croaks)

Orange Goblin

A Tribe Called Quest

Las Cruces

the Heavy Eyes

Stephanie Rodriguez
Stephanie Rodriguez

Empire of the Sun, MGMT, Passion Pit, Pet Shop Boys, Santigold, Cut Copy, Daft Punk, Kennedy, Franz Ferdinand, Killers, Strokes, Black Keys, King of Leon, Muse, Miike Snow, Phoenix, Oakenfold, Tame Impala and sprinkle in some T.I.!!!!

Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis

I'd love to see Hum get back together for a show...

Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez

Faith no more! Beck would be nice.Also would love to see glassjaw, dfa1979 and dredg at fpsf


Phish needs to come back to Houston.


Al Green


Hayes Carl

Joe Ely


Surfer Blood

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Anything rock, less teeny EDM. And for the record disclosure sucks, press darlings but their music is average and amateurish.


Rusted Shut

Death Grips (assuming they show up)

Flatbush Zombies


Sunn O)))



Texas Hippie Coalition

Linus Pauling Quartet




DISCLOSURE! Connan Mockasin,Calvin Harris, HAIM, Nas,and more locals!

Liliana Velasquez
Liliana Velasquez

Prince hasn't been here since 2004, I believe he'd perform at Toyota rather than a fest, but one can hope. Kanye would be a solid performance.

Kandace Lytle
Kandace Lytle

I would second Foo and also add Sir Elton John, since he's playing other festivals!

Raul Gonzalez-Ayala
Raul Gonzalez-Ayala

Knowing that the Foo Fighters are releasing an album later this year, and they're going to start touring, they're my first guess for FPSF 2015.


How about more local bands!!!!!!!!!!.....and Faith No More. 

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