New Local Rap That Almost Soothes Rockets' Playoff Sting

Scarface, "No Problem"
Either we missed something, but after months and maybe years of batting away questions about releasing a new solo record, Scarface is doing so -- and doing it more than 100 pounds lighter. He's svelte in stature but on "No Problem," the Honorable Brad Jordan can stalk the city streets with the same emotion of The Wire's Omar on the prowl in Baltimore. Every man has a code, and since 2008's Emeritus, Facemob has stuck to his -- and still can blend national sociopolitical issues with what we deal with every day locally.

Dante Higgins, "God Hig"/"Stoner"
People enjoy hearing Dante Higgins rap like they enjoy watching Game of Thrones; they know they're going to be entertained and may even get a bloody massacre where they're going to have to tell their friends in hysteria or just keep mashing their keyboards, "OMG DANTE HIGGINS MURDERED THAT SONG, WHAAAAAA"

New Hig is a good thing. Hig on other people's beats where he can talk shit and drop no less than seven punchlines that make me laugh is an even better thing. "God Hig" and "Stoner," our first hints of enjoying his upcoming Let Me Be Great tape, is free Hig, in its most blissful form.

Roosh Williams feat. Doughbeezy, "Ridin Thru My City"
Think about it. A year or so ago, Roosh Williams released the multilayered déjå Roo: Times Have Changed, which gave us the year's best opening salvo with a simple intro and a variety of punchlines and stories built around two of his great characteristics: his rapid-fire drawl and ability to always rap like his back is against a wall.

Here, his Doughbeezy collaboration "Ridin Thru My City" gets a visual, covered by both longtime Dough videographer Be EL Be and Chief Doodle. Did it need to be overly simple? Possibly. Did you easily get the effect that Roosh could have a ticker-tape parade in his honor should he ever fully break through nationally? Yes, yes you did.


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