Thievery Corporation at House of Blues, 5/1/2014

Still, songs like "Vampire" and "Radio Retaliation," the crowd seemed most into it during the rowdier points of the night. Although, when they played slower-moving classics like "Lebanese Blonde" and "Amerimacka," the crowd also gave the band their all. One unique cover came in the form of The Doors' "Strange Days," which was slowed down and almost unrecognizable until the familiar chorus hit.

While I prefer Thievery Corporation in a big grassy field surrounded by hula hoops and the scent of patchouli, it was cool to finally get the chance to see the band indoors. Thankfully they started early and ended late, because they were able to jam as many of their songs into the set as they could. While the new material was ever-so charming and at times adorably twee, the real burners were their tried and true, tested material that the packed-out house was there to see.

Personal Bias: I've been seeing Thievery Corporation for many years now, and have never been dissatisfied with the outcome. It was cool to hear the new stuff this time around.

The Crowd: Midtown/Washington folk who decided this was the night to drink excessively.

Overheard In the Crowd: "I find you very attractive" said one possibly inebriated girl to seven guys around her before one older biker-looking dude eventually swooped her up and started grinding on her.

Random Notebook Dump: I think the new hip-hop fashion trend is dressing like an old rich white dude from the '80s.


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Location Info

House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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a band that has "evolved' from a solid DJ-Producer duo into adult contemporary. not impressed.

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