The 10 Best Summer Songs of the '90s

3. "The Thong Song," Sisqo
Uh, it's a song. About thongs. On the beach. In the summer. This is very much a summer song, and we very much like it because booties. The end. (Side note: Sisqo was much better before he unleashed the dragon, no? For shame, Sisqo. For shame.)

2. "Miami," Will Smith
Ooh, good old Will Smith. He was like the summer song top dog back in the '90s, and although there are a number of choices in Will Smith's summer song repertoire, nothing can top "Miami." Odes to South Beach and the hawt women who flock to it are ripe for the summer pickin's. This song had big Willy style all in it.

1. "This Is How We Do It," Montell Jordan
If you didn't play this song at a summer party in the '90s, well, you're missing an essential element for proper nostalgia. You can remedy that little issue by playing it at every summer shindig you have from now on, because Montell Jordan and "This Is How We Do It" were -- and are -- basically everything you need for a proper throwdown. Well, that and beer. And perhaps Montell's neighbor. We hear she's got much flavor.

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I love "Blind Melon" no rain song a lot and this best video song of all the time and Sister Hazel is also my favorite singer in my list. But there are so many artist who even not got noticed because of lack of chance. but it can not happen any more because there are so many producer willing to have great artist and also online website from where one can got desired results like this.

This is BS.  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's SUMMERTIME (1991) should be number one.  everyone loves it, even those who hate pop-rap.


Will Smith's "Summertime" would have been a way better choice :(

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