The 10 Best Summer Songs of the '90s


Let's play a game. Anyone know "Never Have We Ever?" Good. We'll go first.

Never have we ever found ourselves saying the words, "But there were so many good Will Smith songs!"

Well, until this blog, that is.

Apparently there are an abundance of epic summery songs by the '90s version of Will Smith, and we're a bit puzzled by that fact. Go figure.

And while we're a bit embarrassed of our Will Smith prowess, what we're not afraid to admit that we love ourselves some summer jamz. We love them enough to put together a list, in fact, of the best '90s summer songs for your enjoyment.

Unfortunately, they can't all be Will Smith songs -- although there are indeed enough to fill this blog -- because really, what '90s artist can compete with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince himself.

Now get jiggy with it.

10. "Back And Forth," Aaliyah
This little ditty was off of Aaliyah's '94 debut album, Age Ain't Nothing But A Number, and it was the single that launched her into the R&B big leagues. It's also an awesome little breezy summer number, and Aaliyah was the very best, so we'll just ignore the creepeh factor of the fool who wrote it. Let's move on from that subject, shall we?

9. "All For You," Sister Hazel
This Sister Hazel number, recorded in '94 and then re-recorded in '97, is about the only song that the alt-rockers are known for. Luckily for them, it's a sweet little tune, full of some rad harmonies that remind us of those beachy summer days back in college. Too bad Sister Hazel never managed to do much more than this, but we'll take victories where we can get 'em. We're okay with this one-hit wonder.

8. "No Rain," Blind Melon
So, we would venture to pull a Kanye on this one and tell you that "No Rain" has one of the best music videos of all time, but that's not what this list is about. Still, we have to give just a little nod to that clumsy little bee and the alt-rockers who made it possible. The love for that video extended to a love of the song, which then led to this song being one of our favorites for a '90s summer jam. Tell us it doesn't remind you of dancing around all carefree during the dog days of summer. You can't.

The jamz continue on the next page.

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I love "Blind Melon" no rain song a lot and this best video song of all the time and Sister Hazel is also my favorite singer in my list. But there are so many artist who even not got noticed because of lack of chance. but it can not happen any more because there are so many producer willing to have great artist and also online website from where one can got desired results like this.

This is BS.  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's SUMMERTIME (1991) should be number one.  everyone loves it, even those who hate pop-rap.


Will Smith's "Summertime" would have been a way better choice :(

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