The 10 Best Electronic Acts at Free Press Summer Fest

The Chicago duo is known for its rap collaborations and has the bottomed-out bass that'll have the Heritage Plaza Building windows rattling several blocks away. "Mosh Pit," featuring Casino, is gonna go HAM. Don't be in the crowd if you're not expecting at least a circle pit to form. Flatbush Zombies appear on "Piss Test" and also on the second day of Free Press. Is a special guest appearance imminent? JESSE SENDEJAS JR.

Paper Diamond
If your DJ is bespectacled and lives in a cloud of weed smoke, chances are that he is Alex B., aka Paper Diamond. This Colorado kid has hit the festival circuit hard for the last few years, routinely shutting down the house into the early-morning hours long after every other DJ has gone to bed. His style begins chill and ends with jaw-rattling bass, always on the edge of an electronic heart attack. After 2012's Wavesight EP and its catchy track "Can We Go Up?" dazzled and delighted the eardrums, last year's Paragon album included the smooth ("Like a Summer Breeze") and the tough ("They Can't Tell Me Nothing"). The youngsters will be jamming hard to this guy. MARCO TORRES

Apparently their version of sun-soaked chillwave is described as "daytime disco" by people who have way more time on their hands than me. Whatever you want to call it, it's basically the type of music that summer festivals were built for, provided what you're looking for is to dance in the sun a bit. CORY GARCIA

Since Zedd's set is going to be bananas, I plan to take in some of it, even though he's up against Vampire Weekend, who I obviously can't miss. My plan is to post someone up at Zedd. Once "Spectrum" starts up, that person will text me and I'll run down Allen Parkway like I'm in the Houston Marathon. If you can help a brother out, let me know and I'll text you my phone number. JESSE SENDEJAS JR.


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