The Strange Case of Shakey Graves

Photo by Erika Goldring
Shakey Graves
Background to center stage. Support to headliner. Shadow to light.

Everything about Alejandro Rose-Garcia's current life suggests an emergence, even his name. Every exciting opportunity that's come his way -- and there have been many of late -- is a step away from his given name and one closer to his stage name, Shakey Graves.

They're one in the same, of course. And those opportunities, which include a spot on this summer's Newport Folk Festival and two Houston festival dates, were byproducts of his steady, not-remotely-overnight evolution.

"Right now, I'm really trying to remind myself that I'm lucky and blessed and in a good position. But, at the same time, I've worked really hard and I love this job," he says. "I love the fact that it actually is a job now and I have a lot of good people by my side."

He's continues to build an avid following on the strength of his 2011 LP, Roll the Bones and a cache of videos that have garnered millions of views. But, more than anything, his live one-man show has people seeking out his music. It's just Rose-Garcia, a guitar, a kickdrum fashioned from a suitcase and a handful of songs that are some of the best-received offerings to come from Austin in awhile.

Houstonians will have a pair of chances to catch the act relatively up-close within the next month. Tomorrow, Shakey Graves plays the Texas Crawfish & Music Festival in Old Town Spring. At the end of the month, he's back in Houston to perform at Free Press Summer Fest.

"Houston is actually a pretty big stronghold," he says. "When I went out on my first headlining tour, Fitzgerald's was the first building I sold out and that was one of the only buildings I sold out that trip. That's a big room. You can fit a lot of kids in Fitzgerald's.

"I've never been to Free Press before, but it's got some amazing acts," Rose-Garcia adds. "I mean, Jack White is playing, right? And, wherever the Wu-Tang plays -- I'm in. But, at the same time, I'm excited about people like New York City Queens, who I've played with years ago. I've watched them develop as a band. They're doing pretty good.

"Being in the trenches with other local bands and getting to see people like that, like, 'Oh! Hey! You're here!'" he adds. "That feels good."

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