Say Hi at Fitzgerald's, 5/8/2014

Photos by Francisco Montes
Say Hi, Big Scary
May 8, 2014

Because Eric Elbogen's personality is naturally charming and warm, his solo project Say Hi's set downstairs at Fitz Thursday night felt as personal as it gets. It was as though a group of close friends had decided to gather for an intimate evening of drinking and dancing rather than attend a standard indie-rock show.

At times during his first Houston stop in three years, Elbogen would ask for crowd participation to help sing fan favorites such as "Blah Blah Blah" (where he asked for finger-wagging) or "Yeah, I'm In Love With An Android" (a chorus). The entire room effortlessly accepted the challenge.

But first up, openers Big Scary took the stage around 9 p.m., and fans got a nice surprise when Elbogen filled in on bass for the first part of their set. Typically Big Scary consists of Tom Iansek and Joanna Syme and revolves around the duo's harmonious vocals, so it's hard not to immediately fall in love with their sound.

With a set heavy with tracks from most recent album Not Art, including "Twin Rivers," "Luck Now" and "Belgian Blues," Iansek bounced around from keys to guitar as Syme stole the show with her drumming. The songs had an underlying ballad feel, making it easy enough to get swept away in the music being produced by the fingertips and vocals of her bandmate, but her performance was nothing short of mesmerizing.

Whether working through challenging start-stop patterns or performing an entire song with one hand and using the other for additional percussion, Syme played each song with an enthusiasm and intensity that felt as enjoyable for her as it did for the crowd. It was a different kind of satisfaction -- one you don't often encounter -- but her pride and genuine demeanor made Big Scary's set that much more endearing.

Shortly after, Elbogen took the stage in more dapper attire, opting to ditch his glasses and trade in a T-shirt in for a suit jacket and tie (though he opted to stay in a pair of black-and-white Sauconys). Because much of his music is created with the use of computers, Elbogen didn't require much to get started and armed with a microphone, his laptop and a loop pad, he soon had the crowd (and himself) dancing.

The set kicked off with "One, Two... one," off his 2009 album, Oohs & Aahs, before jumping into "Take Ya' Dancin'" off of 2011's Um, Uh Oh. Because Say Hi (formerly known as Say Hi to Your Mom) has a lengthy discography, it wasn't long before the requests came pouring out, including one from a woman who wanted to hear "Spiders."

"I personally love song requests," smiled Elbogen, "but my computer does not like them and so unfortunately we have to play the set list that I've already made."

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I looked at this guy's picture and thought to myself "There can not possibly be anything worse than this guy's "music"". Then I read the review...


If only there was a way to play music without a computer.


I distinctly remember seeing Say Hi To Your Mom inside Emos in 2005 and he played the guitar. I remember this so well because he hadn't played very long, maybe 45 minutes, when he broke a string on his guitar and ended the show instead of changing it. When did he switch to only playing off the computer? 

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