Welcome to the Thursday Jam Session

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Photos by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
L-R: Erin Wright and Alisha Pattillo

It's Thursday night and we're hanging out with some of Houston's finest musicians in Erin Wright's living room.

Okay, technically it's not her living room. It just feels like it, since it's snug and comfortable and because Wright is making us all feel at home.

We're actually at Costa's Elixir Lounge, a cozy wine bar at the lower end of Westheimer. Wright is co-host of the Thursday Jam Session here. Since January, she and saxophonist Alisha Pattillo have been inviting musicians out to their place to share war stories and vibe off one another.

The best part is anyone can stop by to hear them. The weekly meet strongly encourages musicians to come join in, but is open to anyone who loves music and the creative process.

"There's probably four or five tables tonight that aren't players that just came to hear music. That kind of shocks me because it's not a polished show," said Wright, who's been a working musician in Houston more than 25 years. "It's just people getting together and figuring out common ground and being creative together."

"We could do it in a living room. We don't have as large a beer selection that way," joked Pattillo.

The talent rotates around Wright and Pattillo weekly. Recent sessions have seen Houston jazz dignitaries like Carl Lott, Sr. and Tex Allen sitting in. This night, Derrick James is on drums, Ralph Stivison's brought his trumpet and jazzhouston.com founder Andrew Lienhard is on keys.

L-R: Lienhard and James

We're sitting a few feet from Lienhard, Chimay Red all up in our cups, as he deftly brushes the keys. His face leans into the keyboard, as if he's spilling every thought right from his head onto the instrument. It sounds fantastic. The song ends and there's no extended applause from the gathered. None at all, really. But, there's satisfaction and huzzahs from the jam mates.

"I had a bass player from New York play with us last week and he said, 'This is what I don't get in New York,' which is weird because I think of New York as jazz central," Wright said.

She's been doing her part to support Houston jazz for some time now. She's hosted similar events at The Daily Grind and Dharma Café. She's funny and gracious between songs, and she soars when she's playing. Anyone who doesn't understand what the term "feeling the music" means needs only to watch her do her thing for a song or two to get it.

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