Jamestown Revival Comes Home

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"We reached a point where we were listening to a lot of older records and musicians all the time and that just really stuck with us," Clay said. "We liked the sound of the way things were recorded and how lyrics and melody both contributed to the songs. I'd say we've humbly tried to recreate that as best we know how. We're definitely still learning though."

Jamestown Revival is taking its place in a new era of American folk music. The music has had a resurgence and Chance guessed why.

"I think a lot of the folk rejuvenation can be attributed to the fact that people still appreciate honesty and good story telling in music," he said. "And, it just so happens that folk and Americana lean heavily on those two qualities."

Going back as far as they do, neither would suggest there's anything "overnight" about this new success they're enjoying. They're not taking any of it for granted, either. They'll be on North American roads until mid-July. No jet airliners or limousines to get them from gig to gig. They've converted an old prison bus into a touring vehicle. The irony, of course, is they're unchained to a conventional life. Not bad for a couple of kids from Magnolia.

It may be just the beginning of Jamestown Revival's story, but they have an eye to the future.

"If we can still be able to tour the country and share our music with people, we'll be pretty happy," Chance said. "Hopefully we'll put out a few more records within that time, that we're hopefully proud of, and I wouldn't mind playing a show with Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard or John Prine either."

Jamestown Revival plays Dosey Doe, 25911 I-45 North, tonight, 8:30 p.m. $15.

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Dosey Doe

25911 I-45 N., Spring, TX

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