Music Is Freedom at the Wildly Eclectic Pachanga Fest

La Santa Cecilia
Of course, most attendees eagerly awaited the night's headliners. The main sets began with La Santa Cecilia, the Latino-music darlings from California who recently won a Grammy Award and delighted the Pachanga crowd with a blend of cumbia, ranchera and vallenato, on a mix of their hits like "30 Dias" and "La Monedita" and covers of U2's "One" and a Spanglish version of the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever."

Julieta Venegas
Julieta Venegas shined brightly closing this year's festival. With an equally beautiful voice and smile, she wasted no time immediately playing her hits. "Eres Para Mi" and "Lento" were especially well-received, as the audience's singing was amplified by the pavilion's metal roof. The crowd did thin out a bit during some new tracks from Venegas' 2013 album Los Momentos, but those who stayed were treated to an inspired set by the Mexican-American songstress.

Rich and Elaine Garza.
As we walked out, I saw a very tired and very happy Rich Garza, founder and producer of Pachanga Fest, making his final rounds. He said that this year was another success, with very few hiccups and lots and lots of smiles. I asked him what it would take to bring his festival to Houston, to which his face lit up. "I've really thought about it! I think that would be a lot of fun!"

La Vida Boheme

El Gran Silencio

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Mayling Tate
Mayling Tate

Houston isn't cool enough to handle something like that!!

Mike Cortez
Mike Cortez

Ya might not have Pachanga Fest but ya got Texas Tequila & Margarita Festival!!!


If demographic data is any indication, Austin won't be able to this much longer. Y'all gotta get that gentrification in check before Austin becomes the next Portland, a playground for white people.

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