Music Is Freedom at the Wildly Eclectic Pachanga Fest

Photos by Marco Torres

Pachanga Fest Latino Music Festival
Feat. Julieta Venegas, La Santa Cecilia, El Gran Silencio y más
Fiesta Gardens, Austin
May 10, 2013

"Music is our freedom" said the lead singer of Making Movies as the band opened the 2014 Pachanga Fest Latino Music Festival. That concept was felt all throughout the event, where people young and old, local and international, all converged upon Austin's Fiesta Gardens to enjoy the seemingly never-ending variety of musical genres from across the globe.

From the tally that I attempted to keep, every country of the Western Hemisphere -- from Mexico to Argentina, Panama to Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and more -- were all represented, both onstage and off. A band like Making Movies played salsa music inspired by Hector Lavoe one minute, while the next a band member was dancing to a jarabe tapatio from Jalisco, Mexico.

Pachanga is a fascinating and grand experience. With the sun blazing down and a cool breeze from Lady Bird Lake on their face, festival attendees were treated with a completely pleasant environment. The mood was joyful and fun, with plenty of room to roam between stages and beneath the soothing shade of the trees.

Nina Dioz
Red Bull Panamerika was once again host of the Patio Stage, bringing a younger, hipper and hip-hoppier aspect to the festival. Puerto Rico's AJ Davila hit the stage with an interesting mix of garage-rock and punk, which attracted a large crowd to dance along with the tracks from his solo album Terror Amor. Later on Monterrey's Nina Dioz brought out her confident, fun and too-cool-for-school Spanglish rap to the stage, with dance moves and a smile that won over the crew of young people hovering around the stage all day.

The one group I had told myself not to miss this year was DMK, a family trio from Colombia who rock out as a Depeche Mode cover band. The father serves as front man, while his young son and daughter play along on the keyboards, xylophone, recorder and ukulele. As the fun, electric notes of "Just Can't Get Enough" sounded out beneath the Pavilion Stage, both band and crowd shared in the happiness and healing power of music. Seeing a family brought together by music was simply endearing and heartwarming...and their cover on "Enjoy the Silence" was spot-on.

Brown Sabbath
The festival's other cover band that really made some noise was Brown Sabbath, the alter ego of Austin favorites Brownout, only playing Black Sabbath covers such as "Iron Man" and "War Pigs." And boy, were they loud! As if the sun wasn't enough to melt your face off, this set was certainly capable of rocking your face off.

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Mayling Tate
Mayling Tate

Houston isn't cool enough to handle something like that!!

Mike Cortez
Mike Cortez

Ya might not have Pachanga Fest but ya got Texas Tequila & Margarita Festival!!!


If demographic data is any indication, Austin won't be able to this much longer. Y'all gotta get that gentrification in check before Austin becomes the next Portland, a playground for white people.

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