Latin Invasion Takes Over Warehouse Live

Photos by Marco Torres
GT Garza headlined the Latin Invasion show at Warehouse Live.
Latin Invasion feat. GT Garza, Dat Boi T, Doeman, Kleva & Coast
Warehouse Live
May 8, 2014

As he looked out upon Warehouse Live's packed Studio room, a sense of reflection took over the rotund rapper named Cassette Coast. "Why can't we do this more often?!" he asked out loud. "I love this, man! I love y'all! I'm here to party with all of y'all tonight!" Maybe it was the Hennessy in his hand talking, but Coast raps smoothly and honestly from the other side of his heart.

In fact, every act that hit the stage Thursday night brought something special. It was an intangible mixture of confidence and love, somehow portraying toughness without arrogance, and talent that many times goes unnoticed in this city.


A dynamic set by Northside rapper Kleva hit the stage as I walked into the venue. The jersey on his back simply read "DOPE." Not sure what it is about short rappers, perhaps they feel the need to exceed expectations and first impressions, but they always seem to perform harder and with a purpose. As he jumped up and all around the stage throwing CDs and T-shirts into the audience, he definitely warmed up the crowd with his infectious energy.


Next up was Doeman, another rapper of short stature and sharp tongue. I've had the opportunity to see this guy in action a few times, and his lyricism is surprisingly agile and enthralling. A former boxer, Doe walks around as if he is constantly in the ring, engaged and guarded, calm and cool as ice.

"How can I lose when I go this hard?!" is the basis of his collaboration with Propain, who hit the stage in the first of several surprise guests of the night. Deprived Young, Now Ambitious is the name of Doeman's mixtape; I expect lots of great things from this young man.

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