The Last VJ's Five Best Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans. We're keeping things funny this week, including a music video from the one and only Monty Python. On top of that you can expect metal to provide us some hilarity, both intentionally and unintentionally, and I even brought you some steampunk rap.

Because you deserve it.

Patrick Sweany, "Working for You"
I love a good silly video when done with real artistic love, and "Working for You" is a perfect example. In it, Sweaney is a long-suffering vacuum-cleaner salesman who finds himself desperately trying to land a sale among a bizarre cast of suburbanites... most of whom are played by himself in drag.

Director Dave Shamban has a real eye for how to bring a serious cinematic level of technique to an inherently silly premise, and it's engaging enough that by the time Sweany is vacuuming in the home of a Satanic doom-metal band you're with him all the way.

Professor Elemental, "Sir, You Are Being Hunted"
There simply aren't enough rapping steampunk musicians in the world, and I'm always glad to hear from the good Professor. This time he and director Moog have teamed up to show us an alternative dimension where humans are hunted for sport by dapper robots in mustaches.

If the internet could come to life, that's the exact life it would come to, I think. It's a silly old video, but inventive and fun nonetheless.

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Monty Python, "Lousy Song"
I've been sort of on the fence about the new Monty Python because I'm just not sure it's worth trying to recapture something that great, but "Lousy Song" makes clear the troupe can still throw out some cutting-edge humor. In this video, people listen to Eric Idle sing a song, while other members of Monty Python tell him it's terrible in the actual recording.

In turn, the people listening to the song on the street also tell us it's terrible so loudly that you actually never really get a good listen to the tune itself at all. That's some serious Andy Kaufman stuff right there, and worth every second.

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