Jimmy Eat World at House of Blues, 5/16/14

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Nostalgia gets a bad rap. We've all seen enough of those Buzzfeed lists that are carefully calculated to mine your childhood for pageviews, but the reality is that if something connects with you when you're younger it's likely always going to connect with you. And while Jimmy Eat World remain an active band that continues to release new material, they understand the crowds they play to. Of their last seven songs, six are "classics" ("Chase This Light" is a perfectly serviceable song, but it's no "Dizzy.") that play directly to that nostalgia bone most people have.

It's funny to hear "A Praise Chorus" now, 13 years after it came out, in this context. The crowd has already fallen in love with the band and are just looking to get that endorphin rush that comes with it. And yet, there is one very specific thing song is right about, at least when it comes to seeing Jimmy Eat World live: nostalgia won't let you down.

Personal Bias: I've been listening to Jimmy Eat World since before Clarity came out, which I imagine makes me one of a few thousand outside of Arizona that can say that.

The Crowd: A lot of former emo kids who got through the middle of the ride and in to adulthood. We made it, ya'll.

Overheard in the Crowd: The not so quiet chatter of a bored House of Blues crowd during opener Stagnant Pools. They may not be your cup of tea, but must everyone talk so loud?

Random Notebook Dump: It's always nice to see people singing along, but the people that play air drums to "Lucky Denver Mint" are my favorite.

I Will Steal you Back
Big Casino
My Best Theory
Lucky Denver Mint
Here You Me
For Me This Is Heaven
The Heart Is Hard To Find
Bleed American

Chase This Light
The Middle

Location Info

House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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