Please Don't Ever Call Parquet Courts Slackers

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"We went into the studio feeling misunderstood by mass popular culture," he explains. "So we made Sunbathing Animal much more deliberate and more lyrically forward, to better reflect where we're coming from. Light Up Gold was lyrically centered also," he adds, "but maybe some people missed the point."

"If you miss the boat on this one," he quips, "then I'm sorry for you."

Brown is snarky, but sincere. He and his bandmates are music-focused and relatively DIY; they don't maintain Twitter accounts or post trite Instagram photos, an anomaly these days.

"It's boring!" Brown quips, of social media. "I can't be bothered with that stuff. I mean, what more do people want from us -- you want to know what we ate for lunch?"

While Parquet Courts' attitude is brash, its members have certainly put a lot of care into the band's cause. So it's rewarding for Brown to see their dream not only materialize, but continue mounting.

"Everything has been increasingly and incrementally 'wow,'" he says, of the band's building success. "Every step forward is something we've never done before - like being on TV," he notes, of the band's television debut on The Tonight Show earlier this year. "That was something I never thought would happen."

He's also eager to play Fitzgerald's on Monday, a Houston venue he deems "legendary."

Cautiously skeptical about the duration of his band's popularity, Brown is nevertheless grateful for their success.

"I've always believed in this band," he says. "I'm thrilled we're able to make the music we've always wanted to make. To actually have an audience appreciate it," he continues, "is something I never anticipated."

"I mean, who knows if we'll be around by the end of this year," he counters. "But I feel pretty good about what we've already accomplished."

Parquet Courts plays Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak, Monday, June 2, with guests Radioactivity, Beth Israel and Hooked Rugs. Doors open at 8 p.m.


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