The Seven Best Godzilla Songs NOT by Blue Oyster Cult

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Sepultura, "Biotech Is Godzilla"
We don't talk about Sepultura nearly enough on Rocks Off, and for my money Paulo Jr. has never gotten the credit he deserves as a near-perfect metal bassists. This track is fairly typical, comparing the all sorts of the corporate industry to the destruction of the King of Monsters, but it's fun all hell on top of that.

Ballboy, "Godzilla vs The Island of Manhattan (With You and I Somewhere in Between)"
Let's take it down a notch. Ballboy is the sort of band you listen to as you drive to buy a rope to hang yourself, but are hoping you see something life-affirming to keep you going a little longer on the way. "Godzilla" is the touching tale of two lovers trapped in New York as a monster makes landfall and begins destroying everything. It's a testament to love in the face of long odd, and the odds don't get longer than giant atomic thunder lizard.

Finally, as we head off to the movie theater please remember one thing... even if Godzilla isn't all you hope for it could always be worse. Godzooky worse.

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Literally NOTHING MF Doom has ever done, which a majority of which was written under his "King Ghidorah" persona for Monster Island Czars was not included on this.


yeah i really cant let it go that the fastest drunkest band of all time didnt make the list and since HP is my home page its slapping me in the face over and over i demand answers name names heads should roll amigo montoya needs to put on the case i mean i know this is fluff but gadam dont you people get paid


the fact that adrenaline OD isnt on the list makes me question everything on houston press

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