Foster the People at Bayou Music Center, 4/30/2014

Photos by Jim Bricker
Foster the People
Bayou Music Center
April 30, 2014

"In the '70s, there was a revolution in music and culture," Mark Foster said Wednesday night, near the end of Foster the People's performance at Bayou Music Center. "A lot of it was criticizing the way things were, and I feel like that was right.

"But I feel like what's counterculture now is being joyful," he continued. "Counterculture now is going out of your way to love somebody. That's the tough thing to do now. That goes against our culture now."

As Foster finished his speech, the band transitioned into playing "Pumped Up Kicks," the 2010 single about a violent young man who finally snaps. Despite its upbeat and infectious sound, it's one of the darkest songs in FTP's repertoire.

Three years ago, radio stations inundated our eardrums with it, but a few years removed it sounded as captivating as it did on first listen. And the crowd gleefully sang along to every word.

That's the really great thing about FTP, after all. They have a message that they're trying to share with the audience, but it's always set to danceable rock tunes that plant themselves in your head and stay there.

Currently, the Los Angles group is on tour in support of its sophomore album, Coming of Age. Though the sound is unmistakeably FTP, this record sounds like a band that has grown up, as its name suggests. Foster has said that it's more human than its predecessor, and fans are delighted with the finished product.

It was when Foster was singing newer tracks that he looked to be the most enthusiastic Wednesday. Sure, he got caught up in it when fans chanted along to the likes of "Houdini" and "Helena Beat," two of the better-known tracks off the band's debut album Torches, but it was during "Coming of Age" that he asked the crowd not to hold back.

His affinity for his new album aside, Foster still felt it was best to end the evening with a cut off Torches. "Don't Stop (Color On the Walls)," a song about what the world would be like if ruled by children, got fans' feet tapping one last time.

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The album's name is not "Coming of Age," that's the single. The album is called Supermodel. 

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