Don Felder Surprised at Ex-Eagles Mates' Ill Will Toward Him

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When guitarist Don Felder joined the Eagles in 1974, he was seen by many as a sort of bridge member, as the band was morphing from the more countrified lineup with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner to the latter, rockier quintet that also included Timothy B. Schmidt and Joe Walsh.

But -- just in case anybody ever thought any differently -- the Eagles were always run by the not-always-so-benevolent dictatorship of co-founders Don Henley and Glenn Frey. And while Felder was in the lineup when "Hell Froze Over" and the band reunited in 1994, he was terminated in 2001 after purportedly questioning the split of the financial pie.

Felder in turn sued for wrongful termination and breach of contract and fiduciary duty (the suit was settled out of court years later), raising Henley and Frey's ire. Felder's no-holds-barred autobiography, Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001) ramped the ill will up even more.

Felder contributed his reminisces to the recent lengthy History of the Eagles documentary DVD, sitting for what he says was about 3 and a half hours of interviews, of which about five minutes ended up onscreen.

And while he doesn't necessarily quibble with his onscreen time, saying "the full story would take about 12 hours," he was taken aback at how much vitriol Henley and Frey apparently still hold out for him.

The pair refer to their former band mate as "Mr. Felder" throughout, getting plenty of shots in. One scene is even edited to show a tearful Felder bolting from his interview chair when discussing his dismissal.

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"I felt a lot of the history of the band members before they joined the Eagles was left out, and a lot of [us] were in popular bands before," Felder says today. "Most of it was about Don and Glenn. But they controlled it, owned it, and paid for it, so they could do what they wanted. But it did take me back how angry they were and how much venom they still had toward me, especially Glenn."

In the current "History of the Eagles" tour, Leadon was welcomed back and performs a number of songs, while Meisner's poor health prevented any participation. Felder was pointedly not asked to take part in the celebration.

Reunited and it felt so good...for awhile at least. The Eagles in the mid-'90s: Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Don Felder.
Still, Felder says he got a kick out of seeing old footage and remembering how "skinny we all were and how long our hair was." He also juxtaposed in his mind viewing the at-the-time recent Beyoncé Super Bowl halftime extravaganza with pyro, dancers, lip syncing and effects versus Eagles shows of "five guys in ripped jeans and football jerseys with no concern about making a visual statement playing and singing live" (though, to be fair, the comparisons are hardly comparative).

Outside of the Eagles, Felder has steadily recorded and toured on his own, as well as with others like the Bee Gees, Diana Ross and Stevie Nicks, while contributing the occasional song to a film. With no chance at singing in a band that already had three lead vocalists, he also had to find his performing voice.

Interestingly, it was Felder who scored an early post-Eagles breakup hit in 1981 with the title song to the cult favorite animated film Heavy Metal. Although the tune could have actually appeared on the Eagles last pre-breakup record, having begun life during the recording of The Long Run.

"There were rigid constraints writing and recording songs with the Eagles. You had to be in 'Eagles World' and anything outside of that just didn't fit," Felder says. "And it might be that some guys couldn't play the parts.

"So I wrote this great guitar track and we recorded it, but we didn't finish it because we ran out of time. A couple of years later, I rerecorded the basic track and wrote new lyrics, and that became 'Heavy Metal.'"

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I followed the eagles all my musical life! But I miss Don .Randy and Bernie

Mikey Faulkner

Tupelo Ms.


A real sour taste in our mouths regarding Henley's and Frey's pitiful attempts to be "winning".


Don Felder got screwed by Glen Frey regarding money. Frey was too greedy to appreciate just how good Don was on the guitar. The magic that was developed between Joe Walsh's improvised style of play and the perfection of Don Felder was classic, and Frey throwing away that combination because he wanted to hide in the corner with his coins like SIlas Marner  ruined one of the best bands of all time. Stuart Smith is an accomplished guitar player, no doubt, but he simply cannot match the smoothness of Don Felder, and he missis a lot of the little "Lilts" that Don would throw in that the trained ear of a guitarist like myself can hear. Don joined the Eagles with the understanding that the pie would be cut evenly, and Frey changed the rules in the middle of the game. I do not, and will not ever understand how everything always ends up being about money, when time is the most important thing we have on this mortal coil. I played guitar and sang lead on most of the songs my band did, and I was always so impressed at the talent of the guys that played lead guitar with me. None of them could even come close to Don Felder though. This guy knows the fret board like the back of his hand. His sound is always clean, and at the right volume. He is a real certified guitar player. Frankly Travis Tritt sings "Take it Easy" much better than Frey. Maybe Frey can pay him to sing it for him.


As much as I love the Eagles music, I refuse to see them live until Don Felder is returned to his rightful place.

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