My 12-Year-Old Daughter Dresses Like a Slut! Help!

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Dear Willie D:

My best friend's physical trainer is someone who I would love to date. He is very nice and too cute. Since he's always around I asked my friend were they dating, and she said no. We all hang out together a lot. He is always asking me questions, and joking around. Once when we were together by the pool at my friend's house, there was a guy using profanity and he told him to watch his mouth because I was there.

I'm 19 years old, and he is 25 so I don't know if he came to my defense as he would a little sister or a girlfriend. How do I know if he likes me?

Getting Physical:

Let's see: He hangs out with you a lot; he asks you questions; he jokes with you and he defends you - that's a pretty good start. Just wondering though; is he touchy feely around you, and have you ever looked up and caught him staring at you? Not in a "sitting in a white van parked outside of an elementary school watching kids creepy kind of way," but in a marveling manner? If either has occurred I would definitely say he's interested.

Men aren't that complicated. In most cases if a man likes you he will flat out tell you so. Those men who are in the minority may need some coercing. In that case if you really like the guy tell him how you feel. Some things are better left unsaid, but a closed mouth can't get fed.


Willie D, I live in Boston and my girlfriend lives in New York. A few weeks back she invited me out to Queens to meet her parents and to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I happily accepted, as I was delighted with the opportunity to meet the wonderful people who had created such a beautiful specimen.

As you can imagine everyone was there, including her siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and a slew of friends. I found myself sitting in a chair next to her aunt who casually mentioned that her niece and boyfriend are the perfect couple. The only problem was that the niece she was referring to was my girlfriend and the boyfriend was a guy who she had introduced to me as a family friend just 30 minutes prior.

Flabbergasted, I excused myself to go look for my girlfriend whom I found hanging out in the backyard with her cousins. I pulled her away from them, and confronted her about her mysterious "boyfriend." After much denying and lying she finally admitted that the guy was an old boyfriend and they had still been seeing each other. So what now? She has said that she is sorry and will end the affair, but how can I ever trust her again?

Flabbergasted Guest:

Growing up, whenever someone did you wrong the kids in my neighborhood used to say, "sorry don't help the pain." I don't know how to give credence to someone who would simultaneously masquerade me, and another guy as her boyfriend around her parents house in front of her family members, and friends. Trust is not something that can be explained. It has to be earned.

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