I Can't Accept My White Siblings. Help!


My ex-boyfriend from way back in 1985 contacted me on Facebook. He claimed he only wanted to find out how life has been treating me. Just curious: what do you think his intentions are?

Just Curious:

Since you haven't been in a relationship with your ex in almost 30 years, you really don't have anything to lose by responding to his messages as long as you set boundaries. Ask him straight up what his intentions are. Maybe he is just checking up on an old flame. Assuming you are available and he wants to rekindle the relationship, you should be very careful about skating across thin ice. Remember, there's a reason you broke up.


Dear Willie D:

I stole a flat-screen TV from Walmart. Well, technically, I didn't really steal it because it was underneath my basket and the clerk forgot to ring it up. I was prepared to pay for it, but $400 is a huge savings. I think the lady in line behind me knew what was going on, because she smiled and looked away.

Because Walmart has cameras everywhere I keep thinking the police are going to come to my house to take me to jail for theft. Do you think I should keep the TV, or give it back?

Free TV:

The TV is causing you too much angst. You should return it immediately before the Walmart specialized senior SWAT team comes to your house and makes a citizen's arrest. First it's a flat-screen TV, next thing you know you're posted up on the corner of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. selling weed to foreign tourists.

Get in your car right now and take the TV back before it's too late. You ain't 'bout that life.


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whateveryousay topcommenter

Did "ghetto boy" right that question in 1954?


"There has to be a mistake in the bloodline responsible for this grave injustice. I will contact the forensics team and get right on it!"

Lol. Willie you're really good!

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