The Definitive Breakdown of BeatKing's Freestyles


BeatKing is a supernatural rap being composed of blood, flesh and the mental capacity to enjoy ridiculing folks. It happens on Twitter constantly, so much so he gets escorted around like a conquering gladiator whenever he dives into one of his legendary rank sessions.

Charting his career falls into three categories. Category A is strictly his appearance as a rapper who enjoys crafting club music: catchy, nefarious numbers where sex, raunch and enjoyable one liners are key. Category B is crafting radio hits, at a rate of nearly two or more a year. Currently two BeatKing songs dominate radio on and off - "Smile" with Fat Pimp is his most current with "You Ain't Bout That Life", "Crush" and "Throw Dat Ahh" representing his previous instances in the past year.

The third involves him being a viral sensation, someone who like Joe Budden & Fabolous before him with sports punchlines (Josh Howard never, ever recovered from Budden mentioning him in a "Crazy" freestyle during the '06 Finals) - cannot wait until something happens to be led by fans to make something humorous and even controversial.

To note, there have been plenty of BeatKing "hashtag" freestyles since he truly moved into overall conscious. Most of them deal with video game sound effects, single verse takes and a parade of vocal samples from the video involved. Since BeatKing was the first to give us a freestyle about Jay Z & Solange's fight in that NYC elevator, here's the definitive guide to BeatKing "hashtag" freestyles.

Song: "Amber Cole Freestyle"
Released: 2011
The Event: Amber Cole, a 14-year old Tennessee girl was caught giving oral sex to another student. The incident took over Twitter for a few days, sparking outrage from Cole's family demanding an apology. BeatKing's form of an apology? This freestyle, which he openly told her that he wasn't apologizing.

Then again, BeatKing doesn't apologize.

Song: "PV Right Hook"
Released: 2012
The Event: A fight in a rather common area at Prairie View turned legendary all thanks to one quick hook. Naturally, BeatKing as someone who has gone to PV managed to even bring DJ Chose into the mix for a bawdy freestyle all about throwing hands and Mike Tyson circa '87 dominance.

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