8 Metal Bands Made Better by Switching Vocalists

Dream Theater
Though I personally am not a fan of Dream Theater's James LaBrie, their longtime vocalist has made the band what it is today. His voice is as iconic as any in the metal world, and it would be hard to imagine the band without him singing, even despite the awful experiment with Mike Portnoy taking on some of the vocal duties in the early 2000s.

LaBrie didn't get his start until Dream Theater's second album though, their most famous and most popular Images and Words. On their first record, When Dream and Day Unite, the singing was done by Charlie Dominici. The album was little heard, but for those who have grabbed a copy since, it's not hard to hear why he was replaced. His pipes just weren't there and didn't fit the music.

It's hard to believe, but Periphery has been a band since 2005. The reason most people don't remember much of their early career, however, is that they didn't take off for a long time. They had continual lineup problems, and it was difficult for them to get anything off the ground.

Things picked up when singer and screamer Spencer Sotelo started with them in 2010. Since his inclusion, they've become one of the most popular and well regarded progressive metal bands in the game. Prior though, it's tough to even listen to some of their demos because of how bad their early vocalists were.

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