8 Metal Bands Made Better by Switching Vocalists

The Dillinger Escape Plan
This one is still controversial among Dillinger fans since their music was much less varied and much heavier before the inclusion of current vocalist Greg Puciato. However, despite the addition of melodic tendencies to their music, it's hard to argue with results. Their fanbase has expanded dramatically, and their work since Puciato joined the band has been hugely successful.

Original vocalist Dimitri Minakakis hasn't just dropped off the face of the earth though. He actually left to become an artist and remains good friends with the band, having gone on to design the artwork for their 2010 album Option Paralysis.

Killswitch Engage
Another controversial one among fans, but Killswitch Engage's greatest success critically and commercially emerged after the then-small metalcore band recruited Howard Jones to replace the departing Jesse Leach. Jones propelled them to new heights with his mix of screaming and smooth, melodic singing.

For the past few years, Leach has once again taken on vocal duties for the band after Jones left due to the heavy touring and his struggle with diabetes. It's renewed the debate once again over which is better, with a whole new generation of fans debating the merits of each. One thing is for sure though, there probably wouldn't be this new generation of fans had Jones never joined in the first place.

Faith No More
Any band would probably benefit by replacing their current vocalist with Mike Patton, due to the man's exceptional gifts as a singer, screamer, songwriter, and vocal artist (if that's what you want to call the albums he's made entirely composed of noises made with his mouth and voice box).

Faith No More just happened to be the band that actually did it, recruiting him from his band Mr. Bungle after a run with Chuck Mosely at the helm that only produced mediocre success and a disastrous turn with Courtney Love on the mic. It propelled them and Patton to stardom and they've become legends for their insane output, which ranged from metal to Burt Bacharach.

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