Cover Story: 10 More Houston Acts You Should Know About

Photo courtesy of Aves Wing
Aves Wing
In this week's cover story, "Up and Coming," the Houston Press is proud to spotlight five local artists -- BLSHS, Libby Koch, Real Flow, War Master and Easy Yves Saint (whose new EP, Sincerely, Yves, we told you about Tuesday) -- we think you're going to be hearing a lot more from them in the months and years to come. Culled from the ranks of the local indie, Americana, metal and rap scenes, together they paint a fairly accurate portrait of Houston music at large: ambitious, talented, but chronically underexposed.

For the cover, we simply asked a few of our writers for a short profile of the last local act that had really captured their attention lately, but had not yet been featured in the local media. But Houston hardly has a shortage of bands and musicians who deserve a little attention; a city this size never does. For the past few weeks -- even before this story was conceived, honestly -- we've been scanning our email and various other sources and compiling a list of other worthy acts around here; not all of them are new, but we recommend we you get acquainted with them at your earliest convenience. And it's no stretch to say we'll do the whole thing again sometime.

(Don't miss this nifty slideshow of outtakes from the five photo shoots, either.)


Style: Mysterious, female-fronted adult-alternative rock band consisting of two married couples.
Find Them: Facebook
See Them: May 30, House of Blues (Foundation Room); June 7, Khon's (2808 Milam)
Listen: Four songs available to stream on Web site

Photo courtesy of Davin James
Davin James

Style: Part honky-tonk, part Southern rock, a little Jimmy Buffett, but all country, James has been a fixture in the Houston area's northern reaches for many years.
Find Him: Facebook
See Him: The Wednesday open-mike/songwriter showcase he's hosted for the past 12 years at Puffabelly's (100 Main) in Old Town Spring
Listen: Five songs streaming on Web site; several albums on iTunes, including last month's Buck Owens Freeway.


Style: Post-Cross Canadian/Robert Earl Red Dirt rock
Find Them: Facebook
See Them: June 22 at Blue Moose Lodge (5306 Washington)
Listen: Five songs streaming on ReverbNation; first studio album, Breaking Even, due later this month


Style: Whether rapping or singing, this fiercely H-town proud R-rated diva/Cash Money affiliate likes 'em slow, loud & bangin'.
Find Her: Facebook; plus her red-hot Twitter feed
See Her: May 22 at Numbers
Listen: Lots of videos like "Booty Roll" and "Southside 2K13" on her VEVO page


Style: Bluesy, Janis-influenced singer-songwriter
Find Her: Facebook
See Her: Kent cancelled a show at Notsuoh last Friday; check her Web site for the next one.
Listen: Five songs streaming on ReverbNation; debut EP Wayward Child available now

List continues on the next page.

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Thank you guys for the mention!!

Mj Street
Mj Street

Y'all forgot The Killing Joke playing may 25th at numbers


Thank you for compiling this list! I love finding music that's made here, but it's hard to keep track of everything that comes out.

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