Warpaint at Fitzgerald's, 4/24/2014

Photos by Nicholas Zalud
Warpaint, James Supercave
April 24, 2014

It's not every day that a touring band can grace the stage with familiarity of a local act, but Warpaint found a way to make themselves at home at Fitzgerald's on Thursday evening.

Though they've already spent most of the year touring in support of new album Warpaint, which included a three-day stint in Austin supporting The National at Austin City Limits' Moody Theatre, as well as two weekends of Coachella performances, Warpaint brought more than enough energy with them.

James Supercave
But first, five-piece supporting act James Supercave brought in a heavy dose David Bowie, the experimentation of The Beatles circa Yellow Submarine and a hint of Elton John, to go with inspiration from modern acts like Radiohead, Coconut Records and Of Montreal. It might sound a bit scattered, but what resulted was some of the most honest, moving experimental pop-infused rock I've heard in quite some time.

While music publications, labels, and fans alike are searching for the next big "it" genre, James Supercave has found a way to avoid being pegged as just another hype band. That kind of talent that can't be taught and has no formula. And lucky Warpaint didn't request another opener, too -- if anyone had performed before James Supercave, they would have been forgotten about anyway

Instead, the show was well-paced, and Warpaint gave the crowd long enough to get settled before they took the stage around 10:20 p.m. The quartet opened up with "Hi," sounding a bit reserved as they warmed up to a crowd that was already hooked on their every note. However, things didn't stay that way for long as they moved seamlessly into "Composure" and "Bees," suddenly playing full speed ahead, working tirelessly for the packed house.

In a live setting, Warpaint is known for their gentle allure. At times, however, member Emily Kokal could be seen staring down the crowd with such intensity that it brought a certain edge to the tracks. But despite the band's concentration, their passion found its way to the surface with ease. As they moved into "Biggy," it was clear that they're not afraid to challenge and push one another, and yet it never felt forced. Perhaps that's why Warpaint is so fun to listen to, but even more fun to watch in person.

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