A Sweet Story About Phil Collins and the Ultimate Warrior (R.I.P.)

Sure, the cuts from stunt double to Collins are obvious but not that awkward, all told. Collins himself is a gifted physical actor who, at the end of the day, sells Warrior's moves fairly well. It's way better than when WCW brought in Jay Leno, though not of course as awesome as David Arquette (Nothing is. NOTHING).

What makes the video really wonderful for me is how it reminds me of why I loved the Ultimate Warrior in the first place. He totally sees the project through at 100 percent. Most wrestlers would probably have phoned in this sort of thing, but not him. Oh no no no. If he was getting paid, you were getting every single inch of him delivered right to you. It's honestly beautiful.

The Warrior used to be famous for these rambling, cosmically themed monologues that read like Star Wars dialogue as written by Hunter S. Thompson, who for the sake of this analogy is also the dragon Smaug.

I remember in 1998 when it seemed like the Warrior of old would return to end the menace of Hollywood Hulk Hogan in WCW. His debut was a thing of beauty and majesty, and featured that same intensity that left nothing behind. Screw the matches that were failures in its wake, and the fact that all this was ultimately in vain. Click that link and witness a wrestler who believes in his character right down to the bottom of his soul. Whether you were Phil Collins or the entire nWo, the Warrior came at you with everything he had.

It's what I'll miss most about him. Thank you, Phil Collins, for reminding me of that.

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The ultimate warrior was a great guy. Maybe people could not deal with his honety and his success. May one of the best characters ever in wresrling rest in peace. hogan could not be half the man warrior was.

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