A Real Fan's Top 10 KISS Albums

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KISS at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, September 2010
Marking their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next Thursday, Rolling Stone has put KISS on the cover (for the first time ever!) and also made a list of the 10 best KISS albums. Sadly, this is something that magazine's Richard Thompson fanatics are just not qualified to do, so ignore their list and go with this one instead:

10. Unmasked (1980)
While not your traditional KISS sound, Unmasked is still a really good power-pop album. All the songs could have been great AM tracks if AM were still going strong into the '80s.

Standouts: "Is That You?" "Talk To Me," "She's So European"

9. Hotter Than Hell (1974)
While the production is lacking, the material is traditional KISS, which is still not bad for a sophomore effort.

Standouts: "Watchin' You," "Hotter Than Hell," "Parasite"

8. Creatures of the Night (1982)
A return to a heavy sound after three albums of experimentation, this is also KISS's best output from the '80s.

Standouts: "I Love It Loud," "War Machine," "Creatures of the Night"

7. Revenge (1992)
Revenge marks another return to a heavy sound -- perhaps a bit grunge-influenced? -- after multiple albums of glam metal experimentation. The best of KISS's output from the '90s.

Standouts: "Unholy" "Take It Off" "Domino"

6. Love Gun (1977)
The band's second consecutive album to be produced by Eddie Kramer. a former Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin engineer, Love Gun is the first to feature lead vocals by all four band members. Also their highest charting album (Billboard No. 4) not sold exclusively at Walmart upon release.

Standouts: "Shock Me" "I Stole Your Love" "Plaster Caster"

5. Dressed to Kill (1975)
The shortest KISS album, clocking in at around 31 minutes, Dressed to Kill has much better production than KISS's first two albums. It resulted in a slicker sound to go with heavy songs that would have made great glam-rock singles on par with Slade and Sweet, if only that genre had the same success in the States that it did across the pond.

Standouts: "Love Her All I Can" "Rock Bottom," "Getaway"

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Hey, don't be putting down "Beth" now! It's one of their best songs. (BTW, great call on "Elder" - it's one of my favorite KISS albums too!)

Noah Ramon
Noah Ramon

So, it just says "KISS Alive" ten times?


Any credibility you have went out the windo at "The Elder"..even THEY dont like that one..

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