The 10 Worst Musical Comebacks of All Time

4. Stone Temple Pilots feat. Chester Bennington
You saw the "featuring Chester Bennington" addendum. You know why this is on our list. We don't really need to explain it, do we?

3. Britney Spears
You know, we feel bad for Britney Spears. She always seems, well, a bit out of it, and the whole K-Fed, head-shaving fiasco was certainly nothing to laugh at. But she still deserves a spot on this list. Nothing Britney has done post-breakdown has been exciting or even interesting; somehow her music just keeps getting worse.

Perhaps it's time for Britney Jean to find another way to occupy her time, because the dominatrix shtick and the faux-British accent don't work at all.

2. The Stooges, The Weirdness
Perhaps we're holding the Stooges to a higher standard than some others on here, but when you're the Stooges and your comeback album is this uninspired and lame, well, it's your own fault, really. The Weirdness was The Stooges' first album since 1973, and the final album to feature Ron Asheton, and yet it's still utter tripe. We straight-up don't get it.

1. Guns N Roses, Chinese Democracy
Really now. Did you expect anything else for the top spot? No Slash, no Buckethead, no nothin' except stupid Axl Rose, who literally connotes the word "meh" in our heads for any year past 1988. Nothing about this comeback was good, not even Axl's tantrums.


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gossamersixteen topcommenter

How awesome is it you slam a band for sounding too similar to their own body of work (Mazzy star) and then the next one you complain it sounds nothing like their other recordings (bauhaus).  Your logic is impeccable, maybe you should look for another line of work?


Artists, especially commercial artists who capitalize on their talents, reserve the right to make new material. These artists will do so, regardless of what any blogger with the same stolen, contemptuous voice of criticism every other "writer" under the age of 27 uses when attempting to write something of merit. These individuals, will rightfully continue catering to their existing fan base. Same way crayon-written pretentiousness will continue to discourage free thought, and ham up the too-cool-for-school 'tude as a job skill, instead of recognizing it as a socially inept character flaw. You really want to show your weight as a music critic? Find something positive to say about these upcoming projects, that give the negative legitimate gravitas. Anybody with a pen can write "Limp Bizkit and Axl Rose should never make music again", and before you even state why, the general consensus will have agreed with you 13 years ago. They are way too easy targets.

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