The Five Weirdest Artists Ever to Go Mainstream

2. Primus
How in the hell did Primus ever become so famous? Even their most mainstream hits like "My Name is Mud" and "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" are so weird that the majority of the populace should have been instantly turned off. Nevertheless, this group of total weirdos managed to get their music on MTV, the radio and beyond.

Their enduring legacy has even seen them play to huge festival audiences, like their 2012 headlining spot at Free Press Summer Fest. Considering they've only recorded one album in the last 15 years, that kind of lasting popularity is both insane and commendable.

1. Faith No More
While so many terrible things spawned from Faith No More's inestimable influence on funk-metal and nu-metal, their true popularity endures because of their relentless dedication to experimentation and adventurous musical craftsmanship.

This was a band that was all over MTV and had major hits in songs like "Epic" and "Midlife Crisis," yet had a front man as bizarre as Mike Patton and created songs like "Cuckoo for Caca." They dabbled in any genre they felt like taking on, and constantly challenged the metal world's macho masculinity by covering saccharine Burt Bacharach songs. Few major rock bands before or since have been so willing to play around with their fans' expectations.


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