The 25 Best Songs We Heard Last Month

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Purity Ring, "Fineshrine"
While this track was released in mid-2012, I first heard it at the start of the month and it's been my go-to background music in both social and work settings ever since. Not to say that's all it's worth; the way the demure beat washes over Purity Ring's subtly twisted lyrics strikes me as peaceful. ALEXA CRENSHAW

Ringworm, "One of Us Is Going to Have to Die"
It's hard to believe Ringworm has been a band for 25 years, waving the hardcore flag longer than some of their fans have been alive, but what's amazing is that their sound has been so consistent and hard-hitting. This cut off their latest album, Hammer of the Witch, shows both growth alongside a commitment to the tradition they established years ago. It distills all the aspects of Ringworm's sound, which is what gives it such a punch in the teeth. The whole record rips, but for a new fan this is the song to listen to. COREY DEITERMAN

Sevyn Streeter feat. Chris Brown: "It Won't Stop"
I've never really been a huge "slow jamz" kind of girl (R. Kelly and anything predating 1976 notwithstanding, obviously), so finding "It Won't Stop" so irresistibly hot surprises me; I'll turn on 93.7 just to see if it's on. Sure, the fact that this chick goes by the name "Sevyn" is hilarious and reminds me of George Costanza, but "It Won't Stop" makes me want to make out in a car. Those are the best songs to get stuck in your head. SELENA DIERINGER

Trash Pop Icons, "Stupid Love"
Given that Green Day was the first band I ever fell in love with, I suppose I'll always have a soft spot for a good pop-punk song. The key word there is "good," which is in short supply these days. That's why I did a small fist-pump in my office the first time I heard this track: it's catchy, it's God, it's good. Their debut release A Way With Words is pretty solid on the whole, and I'm bummed I missed them at SXSW. CORY GARCIA

Weekend, "Adelaide"
I listened to this album three or four times without hearing it somehow. Finally it just clicked, and I love it. Maybe I should pay more attention to what I'm hearing. In any case, shoegaze is so wonderful when done right. JOHN SEABORN GRAY


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