The 25 Best Songs We Heard Last Month

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Drive-By Truckers, "Shit Shots Count"
This rangy rocker opens the Truckers' first album in three years, English Oceans, with Memphis horns, ragged guitars and pearls of Mike Cooley's barroom wisdom like "They don't pay you enough to work/ They don't pay me enough to bitch." After sitting on the bench for awhile, the best way to get back in the game is to knock down the biggest player on the field. CHRIS GRAY

DZ Deathrays, "Northern Lights"
Usually comparable to Death From Above 1979 or Be Your Own Pet, DZ Deathrays take a step away from their loud-and-fast reputation to expose their soft flesh on "Northern Lights." Sure, they're a party band, but the duo is best when slowing things down and constructing heartbreakingly beautiful songs that send chills down your spine and bring sudden clarity to your life. ALYSSA DUPREE

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, "I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'"
I've probably known this swing tune since I was a kid. Originally from George & Ira Gershwin's great American folk opera Porgy & Bess, "Nuttin'" was recorded by the two jazz greats in 1957, and stuck out this March as something I kept humming. It felt like something sunlit and exciting, and has been a precursor to good days and nights for me lately. ALEXA CRENSHAW

Foster the People, "Coming of Age"
Foster the People finally released sophomore album Supermodel last week, after keeping fans waiting for three years since breakout debut Torches. First single "Coming of Age" is everything we have come to expect from the California-based indie/electronica three-piece: catchy, danceable and full of grandiose melodies, but missing the dark undertones of "Pumped Up Kicks." As the title suggests, the band is growing up, which isn't such a bad thing. MATTHEW KEEVER

Future, "Honest"
Every once in awhile a song just follows me, and "Honest" is currently it. Of course it's been on rotation on hit radio stations since this past summer, but this is mostly mental. Lately when I hear someone say "I'm just being honest," I pimp their words out in my head with Future's Autotuned sound. He's given me an easy way to lighten situations...I'm just being honest. ALEXA CRENSHAW

The Hard Pans, "Dying Trying"
Desperation doesn't come much catchier than this Mark Creaney tune from the Hard Pans' debut album, Budget Cuts. An ode to all who struggle mightily but are held back by forces beyond their comprehension, the tune could be a metaphor for their predecessors the Gourds, who solidered mightily for 19 years and half that many albums only to find themselves still looking up at arguably less talented, less creative bands. WILLIAM MICHAEL SMITH

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