Meet the Most Underrated Music Festival in Texas

The TCMF was able to score a few of out-of-state coups this year in jovial outlaw-country figureheads Charlie Daniels Band, alternative singer-songwriter Willy Mason and Iron Horse, a bluegrass band from back East known for its covers of everyone from Elton John and Led Zeppelin to Metallica and Modest Mouse. But otherwise, explains Conway, its nature as a fundraiser for Old Town Spring's advertising somewhat limits the festival's reach.

"It's really not a festival that people are working on year-round, where you can kind of get out in front of a lot of touring bands and time it to actually get on their schedules," he says. "The problem is that just because of the way it works, you end up starting out at a time when a lot of the bands that you might want have already dialed in what they're going to be doing around then."

So Texas bands are that much easier to get because they tend to be close by and easier to book on short notice, Conway adds. But they also help keep ticket prices down. At $10 for Friday and $13 for Saturday/Sunday, its affordability is one more thing making TCMF look even more competitive.

Texas Country band Crooks surveys last year's crowd.
"It's not a high-dollar ticket; it's not an event that's known for selling out, so you don't have the rush to tickets that you would with, like, an event like Free Press," Conway says. "We've started to try to do some things to make it convenient, like add in presale parking to where you get to move through it faster, or presale crawfish where you don't have to stand in line with everybody."

Ah yes, the crawfish, the TCMF's other big draw. Conway says it's difficult to pin down exactly how much crawfish will be on hand at the festival -- beyond "thousands of pounds," anyway -- but those pesky mudbugs that have suddenly become the area's latest food craving will most certainly make their presence known. Sometimes from hundreds of yards away.

"I wouldn't say it's like, you know, the people in California living around the sriracha plant, where you start getting closer and it starts burning your eyes," reasons Conway, "but once you get close you can definitely smell it."

The Texas Crawfish & Music Festival begins Friday, April 25 at Preservation Park in Spring, with Dmitri's Rail, Fighting Gemini, Downfall Rising and MadSons. See or the TCMF Facebook page for more information.


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