Six Bands You Didn't Know Were Still Around

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Five Finger Death Punch... still around.
Tuesday on Rocks Off, we discussed some bands who broke up with barely anyone taking notice, probably because most of those bands sucked anyway. But friends, the suck never stops. It will not end and it will not quit. It is all-pervasive, and it lives on in the spirit of every shitty band who is still performing without you even noticing they're still around.

These are those bands: the worst of the worst scene bands and one-hit-wonders who managed to scrape a career out of jumping on trends and are still going against all odds. These ones didn't break up without you noticing, they just kept plugging away without you noticing, and progressively ruining the world with their awful sounds.

Somehow Chevelle, who plays Bayou Music Center tomorrow, keeps going and going. They've pretty much been sucking since 1995, and do still manage to sell a decent enough amount of records. You might have heard a song from their new one, La Gargola, on 94.5 The Buzz.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how alternative metal became a thing in the first place. I'm guessing it was a compromise for people for whom Nirvana was not heavy enough but Metallica was too heavy. In any case, they ended up with bands like this, who wave the flag for alternative-metal to this day.

Five Finger Death Punch
You know what sucks? Not only is Five Finger Death Punch still a band for some reason, but they aren't just content to put out their own bad music. They also have taken lately to covering good, classic songs like "House of the Rising Sun" and ruining those.

Not only is this video horrible, but it also shoehorns in some of their own "original" music at the beginning, so you can get down with the heaviness before FFDP treats you to their update on the '60s blues-rock classic.

"Kicking ass" (citation needed) since 1994, these guys lived through the nu-metal era and lived to tell the tale, mostly by jumping on and off bandwagons with extreme rapidity. The best thing that can really be said about Sevendust is that they're a little heavier than your typical alt-metal band, at least if your barometer for heavy begins at Godsmack and ends at Godsmack.

By the way, Godsmack is still a thing too. They're not on this list because they have forced us all to notice that they're still a thing. They aren't nearly as awful as Sevendust, though, so there is that.

Oh, you thought it was over? No, it's never over. Saliva called it quits for a little while after their singer Josey Scott left to do Christian rock in 2011, but have come back with a vengeance. Don't ask me how they kept it going after the dulcet tones of "Click Click Boom" became dated, but they've found a way.

If Saliva's new song, "Rise Up," is any indication, they just decided to become Filter. Filter is also still a band, by the way. Ugh.

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I personally don't care much for these bands, but the dude that wrote this article is an absolute idiot. I know lots and lots of people who do like these bands. This article is complete trash.


Oh my god, the buttrock defenders are out in force.


How do you even have a job writing about music like this when its obvious that you've never actually listened to an entire album by any of these bands. Go back to reviewing the greatest hits of Donnie and Marie and leave the Rock N Roll stuff to someone actually qualified.  Please sir, if this is your day job....QUIT IT!!!

unicrom_'s a fairly shitty list because at least one of those bands have had no less than 10 top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. I actually think 5FDP has grown and matured in their style of music. Powerman 5000, Coal Chamber, Se7endust, Chevelle and Saliva, all bands who I still listen to, if not for nostalgic reasons, haven't really moved past their prime sound and are stuck in the early 00's. (BTW: Filter used to be good, and nobody makes fun of Jimmy Urine. I think the author is just a scene jumper, trying to hit up the latest trends to stay relevant.


hey bro they can't all be backdoor boys and n'suck whats next the top 5 boy band members dicks you wanna suck 


You must be a "belieber"

Noelle A. Perry
Noelle A. Perry

i...actually kinda like most of these bands. i don't think they're earth-shatteringly great or anything, but i enjoy their music. so i'm inclined to be offended by this article. but then i remembered that it was written by corey "post-hardcore/emo is my favorite type of music" deiterman. consider the source before you rage, y'all.

Jake Rawls
Jake Rawls

I've opened for both Saliva and Powerman 5000. The fact most of you don't even know who I am speaks volumes for how well those guys are doing. At least Chevelle still sells out arenas (like the aforementioned Bayou Music Center).

Renee Estrada
Renee Estrada

you sir that wrote this story are a fucktard and a duche kill yourself asswipe


I think he likes hearing himself come up with garbage like this list.

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