The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans! There is beauty and pain this week, as well as several varieties of video that will probably get you in trouble at work for watching them.

Oh, and kickball, because sometimes you just got to go back to the playground to get life right. Play on!

Katie Herzig, "Walk Through Walls"
Starting off with something achingly beautiful this week, here's Katie Herzig's angelic journey to the other side. "Walk Through Walls" is a damned pretty song with a heartbreaking chorus that will stay with you for days. In the video, we watch her walk through a bizarre labyrinth as she sheds a strange white dust to emerge at the top free in her own flesh. It's a simple video, but as a chronicle of a personal journey it is quite exceptional.

The Shoe, "Dead Rabbit Hopes"
A warning here, this video is NSFW, and I'm honestly kind of surprised YouTube allowed it. When it comes to such blatant nudity, bands are usually forced to use Vimeo. Some of it must be director Alia Penner's extremely artistic take on the matter, as she drapes Jena Malone in flowers and glitter while Malone sings her metaphor for the female body as a plant.

It's a solitary, playful video that teases and celebrates sexuality in a very innocent way, which helps it rise above what could have been just a naked attention grab. Penner and Malone team well to bring the song exactly to the life it deserves.

REWIND: Last Week's Music Video Roundup

Tacocat, "Hey Girl"
Tacocat always manages to put out quality product no matter how angry and full of snark they seem to be. In this animated outing from director Eric J. Olson, the girls tackle catcalls and creeps in their signature sarcasm. Short, colorful, and punchy. Yep, it's Tacocat.

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