H-Town Metal Institution Helstar Feathers Its Wicked Nest

"It really wouldn't have been but one guy -- the guy from Europe, Matej, who actually played on the album," the singer says. "But the reality is that he's in Europe! When we play America, we can't exactly keep flying him down all the time, because that would be so costly. So we needed somebody here.

"It makes things easier, actually, from a financial aspect," he adds.

If that sounds like Helstar plans to do some serious touring, it's because they are. Practically as soon as the new album hits iTunes, they'll be flying across the Atlantic.

"We're only going to do a short little run this time so that some of the guys can save their time, because everyone in Helstar is very professionally outfitted with real jobs, unlike me!" Rivera says, laughing. "They use their vacation time wisely. We're just going to go over there and do ten shows and knock that out in a week and two days, and save some time for an East Coast run later in the summer."

The travels won't end there, with West Coast dates and a headlining gig at the Warriors of Metal Festival in Ohio to follow in the summer. In fact, after three decades in the game, Helstar may simply never end.

"I'll die with a microphone in my hand," Rivera chuckles. "That's my curse. Lyrically, we'll never run out of ideas. I'm up at 9 a.m. and I'm doing my coffee and my exercise, and my entertainment on the sideline is HLN: Headline News!

"Just kick that shit on, and you can write a novel every day," the singer laughs. "It's the sickness and the madness and the corruption. The whole everything about this world is enough to just make comedy movies or heavy-metal albums forever."

Helstar performs with Venomous Maximus, Warbeast, Sanctus Bellum and Termination Force Saturday night at Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak. Doors open at 7 p.m.


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