HAIM at House of Blues, 4/22/2014

Este Haim
HAIM also gives great crescendo. Danielle's showpiece "Running When You Call My Name" and "Honey & I" began almost as sketches, loose outlines of songs -- those days of living-room jamming Este mentioned early were close at hand during those moments -- until they suddenly started tightening the screws and driving hard to the hoop. (A keyboard player and drummer, introduced as "Dash and Tommy," abetted the sisters Tuesday.) They even did a sexy cover of Beyonce's "XO," calling the Houston-born 21st-century icon "our angel."

Certainly, the band is lucky enough to have an entire pop/rock library at its disposal, and astute to know just which plug goes into what socket; the wubby EDM effects crossbred into the stadium-rock stomp of "My Song 5" was especially striking. But HAIM are no scavengers. Watching the way songs like "The Wire," "Forever" "Don't Save Me" -- all completely original and tailor-made for some forward-thinking Top 40 programmer -- were already etched into the crowd's faces, it was clear that these three sisters do not need to fill any niche other than their own.

Personal Bias: The old guy in the club.

The Crowd: Yuppies. She-yuppies. Students. Very few people over 30 years old or egregiously out of shape. Stupid packed.

Overheard in the Crowd: "Back there is Plan B."

Also Overheard: "I feel like you should sleep with her."

And This: "Are you going to Foster the People? Do you know who Foster the People is?"

Random Notebook Dump: Just for fun, a quick search of "three sisters" turned up the Chekhov play supposedly based on the Bronte sisters, the three principal crops of many Native American cultures (squash, corn, climbing beans); a 2001 sitcom that lasted one season; a popular motorcycle trail that starts in the Hill Country town of Medina; and a chain of Houston-area nurseries.


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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music


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That was the most crowded I've ever seen HOB. However, it might have also been one of the least obnoxious crowds. Maybe it's just because I was standing in the back so there weren't many people talking loudly behind me.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Republican English royals loving twits..


I think the one labeled as Este at the top of page 2 is Alana - just a little correction.


Where can I find more pics?

chris.gray moderator editor

@jasonasmithphoto  I think you may be right; it was a little hard to tell. But it should be Este now.

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