Five Better Producers for Michael Jackson's New Album

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No one was more disappointed than I was with the fact that producers were deciding to capitalize on unreleased Michael Jackson material with the album Michael just one year after the King of Pop passed away. It was a crass, money-making maneuver, and the album showed it.

They're doing it again this year with a new record called Xscape, produced by a collaborative team headed up by Timbaland and due in May. The saddest part of the whole deal is that Michael probably did leave behind some worthy scraps for producers to craft into a new record, but the people in charge of that unreleased material are picking the wrong producers to work with it.

I propose that we could actually experience a legitimately great posthumous work by Jackson if it were in the right hands. These five producers, for example, might actually do something cool with those tracks now in the MJ vault.

The Weeknd
Is there any producer today with a better understanding of Michael Jackson's appeal? I posit to you that there is not. Were MJ still alive, I'm sure he would be jumping at the chance to work with the Weeknd, especially after hearing the young R&B producer's cover of "Dirty Diana."

Now, obviously the material on Xscape wouldn't have been the same as working with a living King of Pop, but one can only dream of what the Weeknd could do with it, given free rein over the existing tracks. And speaking of dreaming...

The-Dream just has a knack for pop hits in the modern era, with anything he touches practically turning to gold. You can turn to his work with Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and even solo, but once again I must bring up my undying love of his recent effort with Jay Z and Justin Timberlake: the massive "Holy Grail."

That song is just an immaculate piece of production work. After hearing it, you can never really doubt The-Dream's abilities ever again; not to mention JT's performance sounds like a loving tribute to Jackson himself. Were he to work with the real deal's leftover material, I'm sure he'd be churning out hit after hit.

The Internet
Odd Future's collaborative group of producers makes an odd brand of trip-hop and instrumental funk and soul. Their records are some of the most interesting in that style that I've heard in years. Unfortunately, they're underrated within the group compared to superstar rappers like Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator.

Even though they're relatively untested, this could be an experiment gone terribly right. Though I'm sure those in charge of MJ's music would never give a young group like this -- which has never produced a mainstream hit -- a chance to work with his unreleased tracks, I think The Internet could be the spark behind one of the most interesting Jackson albums ever made.

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Aldo Aceves
Aldo Aceves

Bah; why bother...? The only person who knows what MJ's music should sound like was MJ himself. They should stop profiting from this altogether.


Have you heard it yet? No. So shush until it comes out.

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