Devin the Dude at Warehouse Live, 4/18/2014

Photos by Marco Torres
Devin Dude, Potluck
Warehouse Live
April 18, 2014

Plenty of artists can be classified as "weed rappers": Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Red & Meth, B-Real, and Curren$y, just to name a few. But the OG of the weed-rap game is a gentleman nick-named "The Dude." Devin Copeland has been high on the rap life since the early '90s, speaking the truth about life, love, smoking and women ever since.

He is also commonly referred to as, and has certainly earned, the moniker "Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper." In other words, the man is a damn legend.

Prior to an appearance of The Dude, an opening act named Potluck presented a spirited set flanked by impressive visuals. With props and flat screens mounted across the stage, these guys delivered a supremely enjoyable set. And of course, as is customary at every Scoremore show, DJ Mr. Rogers blessed our eardrums with his stellar mixing of new and classic hip-hop tracks.

With his perpetually bloodshot eyes, Devin the Dude took the Warehouse Live stage through a thick cloud of smoke. His wide grin greeted his guests with the sincerest of smiles, knowing that most fans in the crowd also share his love for the green stuff. The sentiments were amplified because this was, coincidentally, 4/20 weekend.

Crowd favorites "Anythang," "Boo Boo'n" and "Lacville '79" were offered early in the set. Devin is the epitome of cool, always taking life in stride; even when people try to make him an accessory to a dumb crime or his car is about to fall apart, he will always be "smokin weed and feelin' fine." And of course, he wowed us with his signature move of emulating a vinyl with his mouth beat-box style, scratching in between his rhymes, filling in the spaces between the verse and the hook.

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