Chromeo at House of Blues, 4/6/2014

Photos by Jim Bricker
House of Blues
April 6, 2014

For someone to dance means he or she feels something deep down in his or her bones that moves not only the muscles but the spirit. Not everyone was given the gift of rhythm, but everyone has the ability to dance. It might not be with skill, nor with care, but given the right sound or beat everyone will eventually find themselves moving their bodies to music.

Some factors heighten this ability, such as a performance from the Canadian duo Chromeo. If you've ever been enlightened by a performance from the group, you know what I'm talking about. If you happened to be at House of Blues Sunday night, then you most certainly know what I'm talking about.

Chromeo is the catalyst. They'll make even the most stubborn folk get past that traditional head-bob and do that fancy footwork.

Many Houstonians were introduced to Dave 1 and P-Thugg's sweaty, no-holds-barred electro-funk show at 2011's Free Press Summer Fest. If you made it to that performance, good for you. If you made it to that performance and were one of those who packed into HOB for Sunday's first night of Chromeo's "Come Alive" tour, than I want to be your friend.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be making too many friends, as this crowd didn't look like it was full of a bunch of festivalgoers, but it was packed with people ready to party. Before the show I thought that everyone around me was super-annoying, but came to realize that all the bumping and pushing was just people excited to let their freak flag fly and dance the night away.

And that's what Chromeo does to you. They make you act like an ADD-riddled middle schooler that forgot their meds until it eventually bursts out into makeshift plié's and fluttering jazz hands. I'm literally sitting in my chair typing this review while my shoulders are jamming along to the tunes I just heard. A few hours removed, I'm still getting down.

Save for a one-off show at SXSW and a slot at New Orleans' BUKU Festival, Sunday was the first time for Chromeo to try out their latest material from their upcoming release White Women, due out next month. it was also a chance for them to release that musical orgasm they've been saving up over the long cold winter. They seemed really excited to be back onstage, and as ready as a band could ever be to start up a tour and feed their fans what they know they want.

And what they got was a melee of Chromeo's hits, starting with the banger "Night by Night," and never looking back. It got real sweaty with older tunes like "Tenderoni," "Fancy Footwork," "You're So Gangsta" and "Bonafied Lovin"; people ate up the new stuff too, but especially "Come Alive," "Over Your Shoulder" and my particular favorite, "Sexy Socialite."

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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

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