18th Street Pier, Bar & Grill: San Leon's Pleasure Palace by the Bay

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"Are you havin' fun, darlin'? I sure hope you are."

Our waitress, a young blonde in her mid-twenties, draws out nearly every syllable as she checks on us. We just smile and nod, a bit ashamed of the number of empty drinks strewn across the high-top table. Various fliers for local rap shows compete for space, now sticking to the table thanks to all the drinks.

Those include an empty beer mug, once home to a stout mix of Red Bull and Grey Goose. Beside it sit several clear plastic cups usually designated for water and now drained of the same syrupy concoction, with a lonesome red Solo cup thrown in for good measure. A nearby beer cooler offers up everything from inexpensive domestic options ($2 for a Bud Light) to pricier imports like Dos Equis.

Basically, the 18th Street Pier, Bar & Grill (101 18th St., San Leon) is as eclectic and unpretentious as the vessels that serve its drinks. Equal parts bar and live-music venue, situated in heavily residential San Leon, it sits in stark contrast to the cluster of tourist-heavy bars just up Highway 146 in Kemah.

But at least from the outside, the wooden structure looming on the water seems like a typical beachside nightspot, complete with huge plaster fish and sharks hanging from the ceiling. Even the enormous second-story patio is right out of a travel guide, with wooden benches giving way to a view of the ocean that stretches as far as the eye can see.

But tonight on that massive waterfront patio, the salt breeze is a bit skunkier, and much cloudier, than normal. No one is wearing Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops; the attire is much flashier, with lots of gold. Later in the evening, veteran underground Houston rapper Lil' Keke will perform at 18th Street Pier, and the crowd is dressed appropriately.

"Hey, can I get seven shots of Grey Goose? Yeah, seven."

The guy at the table next to us laughs as the waitress looks at him incredulously. He's serious about those shots. We're impressed, and a bit worried about his liver. It's just the way this crowd pre-games for Keke, though. Drinks whiz by us at record speed as several local warmup acts take the stage.

First up is a young duo and a hype man. They're unimpressive, but the crowd loves them.

18th Street may be home to a rap concert tonight, but this beach bar has become a success by consistently booking all kinds of music during the past ten years. Recently everyone from Buzz band Saving Abel and classic-rock legend Leon Russell has taken the stage, and owner Roger Hrdina is constantly searching for newer and bigger names to add to the list.

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18th Street Pier Bar & Grill

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Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah topcommenter

Don't miss the food at Top Water grill if ya go to San Leon…and tell Tim I said hello….

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