10 Songs We'd Like to Hear at Astros Games This Season

Photo by Adam Baker/Flickr Commons
Could lightning strike at Minute Maid this season?
Katy Perry, "Dark Horse"
Needs no explanation. Skip the Aphrodite stuff and just use the dark horse and perfect-storm references.

Lorde, "Team"
Maybe this is the one that should just be played in the locker room before the 'Stros hit the field. It has that good vibe that says we have each other's back, no matter what. We're on each other's team.

Young Money feat. Drake, "Trophies"
The trumpet line in this song made it a favorite on my playlist right away. Over the Juice Box's speakers, it could serve as a modern-day version of the old "Charge!" clip the Astrodome played between pitches to get the crowd going.

Also, its message is a good reminder to the players they started this endeavor to take care of themselves and their people. Championships are appreciated, but most of us realize you're doing a job just like the rest of us.

Drake, "Started From the Bottom"
Yeah, this is the second Drake song on this list. According to Baseball America, Drizzy's songs were used more in baseball stadiums last season than anyone else's. This is odd to me since baseball is America's pastime and Drake is Canadian. Also, because he has that one song about making his ladyfriend whistle. Hope no team used that one last year.

This one is about starting from the bottom and getting your whole team to a place that's not the bottom. I'd take that in 2014.

The Wheel Workers, "Rainbows"
Even if you don't share the probably-misplaced optimism I possess for the new season, you've got to give the Astros one thing: those uniforms are fly. I was so happy to see the rainbow colors come back; what better way to celebrate than with a song by a hometown band?

By the way, DJ Minute Maid, that's a trend you could totally start, if you want to be innovative: use only songs by local music acts. You've got plenty to choose from. This song from last year's Past to Present is an equality anthem. As the Astros search for parity this season, it could be inspiring. It's got a neat drum/piano bit that would sound great in a stadium -- you know, like that other sports anthem, "We Will Rock You."

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
Even if everything goes wrong again, we've always got the seventh-inning stretch.


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