Answering the Questions: A Handy Guide to the Band Tool in 2014


9. I hear there's a strict "no recording" policy. Tell me more.
You heard right. Security is on top of things, and they will get up in your face if you try and use your cellphone to catch any of the show on it. It's not Dave Chappelle levels of security, but it does prove that it's not impossible to get a crowd to mostly not record a concert. Difficult, but not impossible.

10. Is it still weird when couples hug and kiss during a Tool show?
Fuck yes.

11. When should I take a bathroom break?
During the intermission. Don't be silly.

12. But I don't want to deal with the crowds during the intermission.
You're the worst. Fine, feel free to go during "Intension" unless you absolutely must hear all of that one.

13. What do you have against "Intension?"
Nothing, but there are better 10,000 Days deep cuts to play, like "Right in Two."


14. Are they doing the right thing and ending the show with "Lateralus?"
Kinda. It's the last song of the first set, so at least they don't make the mistake of trying to play something after it. It's much better than that tour where they were ending things with "Vicarious," which is far too cynical of a song to send people home with.

15. Should I spend the money to go to the show?
Can you put a price on that feeling you get when the chills run down your spine as Maynard hits the "I must persuade you another way" part in "Pushit?" Well then, if you can, compare that price to the price of the tickets and go from there.

16. Aren't you the guy that said Tool should break up?
Yeah, well, I never said I wasn't part of the problem.


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Danny is sharper than ever and their last date here in San Diego was by far their best performance of the 4 times I've seen them. The setlist was incredibly long too. I wouldn't say theyre getting rusty, danny is improving, justin/adam are hanging in there and sharp, maynard might have lost his edge though due to all that pussyfer crap he does on the side


We got the Aenema ending here in PHX. They ended the first half with Lateralus. Great show.

Josh Webster
Josh Webster

Seen them 10 times now. Favorite live band, least favorite audience. What are all these Bros even doing at a Tool show?


Adam's baby needs a college fund. Maynard needs a new grape press. Danny and Justin need to bulk up the retirement accounts, so they're touring. Lucky us. Lucky me. I get to feel all those tingles. It's my therapy session. I can do that thrill ride again and again.


Can you put a price on that feeling you get when the chills run down your spine as Maynard hits the "I must persuade you another way" part in "Pushit?".....Nailed it

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